Hot Rod Dreamworks is holding its first annual Scarecrow Contest, invites everyone to vote

(Image is Clickable Link) PHOTO BY JAMES PRESTON (FLICKR) - Participants can use any materials for their scarecrows as long as it can hold up in fall weather.The air is getting cooler, rain is beginning to fall and soon scarecrows will be popping up around Canby's downtown.

Hot Rod Dreamworks is holding the first annual Scarecrow Contest. The business is inviting other businesses, organizations and clubs to participate by entering a scarecrow.

The scarecrows will be displayed downtown, and everyone is invited to vote to pick the best. There will be three winners.

"I kind of just hope to see community involvement, maybe other cities coming to Canby to trick-or-treat—bring them here to help Canby's local businesses," said Shannon Allee, who is organizing the contest. "I meant that's what we all want. We all want us to thrive."

So, here's how to get involved.

First, register. It is free to participate, but you have to let Hot Rod Dreamworks know you're in. To register, you can either pick up a form at Hot Rod Dreamworks or you can visit their website at

Then, create. Scarecrows can be made of any materials, but keep in mind they will be displayed outdoors, so they should be designed to withstand fall weather. You must build your scarecrow to be able to stand upright and supply the materials necessary to display it upright. Also, make it family-friendly. Any scarecrow deemed inappropriate or in bad taste will not be displayed and not entered into the contest.

When you're done, deliver it. Scarecrows should be delivered to Hot Rod Dreamworks at 24315 S. HWY 99E between Sept. 28 and Oct. 19. Scarecrows will begin going on display Oct. 15. Businesses who wish to display their scarecrow outside of their own business can do so, but still must register in order to participate as a contestant.

Finally, vote. Everyone can vote from Oct. 22 to Oct. 30 at midnight. Do so in person at, you guessed it, Hot Rod Dreamworks or online at Winners will be announced Nov. 1.

Don't forget to pick up your scarecrow after the contest on Nov. 2-3.

And one last thing—have fun with it.

"It's mainly just a fun community event, no strings attached," Allee said. "I think the kids will really, really like it, and I think the parents will enjoy it too."

Kristen Wohlers
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