Carol Palmer describes the planning process and potential projects for 2019-20

At the Sept. 19 Canby City Council meeting, Carol Palmer, chair of the city's Heritage and Landmark Commission, described the planning process the group used to look forward to the goals of 2019-20. First the group solicited recommendations from members and former members. They also asked for input from Bryan Brown from the Planning Department; Greg Parker, city councilor and liaison to the commission; and Rick Robinson, city manager.

They rated each project and categorized them for readiness, coming up with a list of 17 projects. Each project was looked at for the following criteria: consistency with the commission's mission, duplication of the work of the Canby Historical Society or other organizations, supporting city goals, lacking creation of ongoing maintenance costs, providing public engagement or collaborative activities and the need for any member to take the lead on any project.

They also looked to time-frame. Can it be finished in the next two years? Has its goals budget and timeline been defined and researched? Is there a funding source identified? And, can the project be doable in 2019-20.

Each project then went through two readiness evaluations, followed by questions:

-Can it be integrated into a comprehensive plan update?

-Does it provide a roadmap for future preservation efforts?

-Does it offer an opportunity for community input?

-Can 50 percent of the cost be covered with a Certified Local Government (CLG) grant up to $12,000?

-With CLG funding is the cost still prohibitive?

-If it's a go, can the commission begin the project after the start of fiscal year 2019-20?

The final step is to establish the goals for the next fiscal year by establishing metrics; determining the targets and actuals for each project and providing semi-annual financial reports. The group then standardized the documents noting the project plans and operational practices. It's important to improve communications by initiating two-way communications and expanding the commission's social media presence.

At this point some of the potential projects were omitted, while some were pushed toward the future.

Commission members also hope to expand and strengthen alliances with the Chamber, the Garden Club and the Parks and Recreation board. And, finally Palmer noted the importance of rotating leadership, letting new blood take over. She plans to allow someone else to take the lead in the coming fiscal year.

Carol Rosen
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