'Spirit of Rotary' award in the 'organization' category is given to The Canby Center

The Canby Center was recently selected for the 2018 "Spirit of Rotary" Award in the organization category.

This award recognizes an organization that exemplifies the true spirit of Rotary by active participation and involvement in the community and by demonstrating ethical operational practices.

Center Director Ray Keen leads an organization whose mission statement is "In God's love, we renew dignity and inspire learning for youth and families."

The Canby Center has been serving youth and adults for ten years beginning with events like the popular Canby Cares at Wait Park serving hundreds of people with medical, dental, vision, food, and clothing assistance. Over the past ten years, The Canby Center has brought immediate assistance to more than 2,000 people each year through programs focused on relationships with a goal of both providing dignity and inspiring learning.

The Rotary Club of Canby and The Canby Rotary Foundation are enthusiastic supporters of The Canby Center, too, contributing a total of $36,417 and a significant number of volunteer hours to realize the renovation of the kitchen.

The Canby Center is an example of effective cooperation with other organizations and adherence to ethical principles that reflect high standards of organizational and individual behavior honored by The Rotary Club of Canby with a Spirit of Rotary Award.

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