'We believe, and statistics show, that between 85 and 90 percent of women that see the first image of their baby realize that it is a life.' -PCC Executive Director Linda Fender

The Pregnancy Care Centers, serving Canby and Molalla, will offer free ultrasounds once again, likely by Nov. 1.The Pregnancy Care Centers, serving Molalla, Canby and outlying areas, has not been able to provide medical services to clients since January, but will be offering those services again—including free ultrasounds—likely by Nov. 1.

The PCC is an anti-abortion, non-profit organization that provides free pregnancy resources to the community.

The Center could not offer medical services over the last several months because it did not have a licensed medical doctor on staff after the previous medical director resigned due to personal health reasons.

According to the Center's Executive Director Linda Fender, the volunteer position was difficult to fill.

"It's not easy, and it is a volunteer position," Fender said. "So practicing doctors, non-retired doctors, are busy people."

Despite difficulties, the center filled the position thanks to Dr. Richard Thorne, who lives in Eagle Crest, Oregon.

"He's a retired OBGYN and fertility specialist, so we just got the cream of the crop," Fender said.

In addition to filling the position, the Center also received a new ultrasound machine from St. Pius X Catholic Church, with the help of the nonprofit organization 4US (for ultrasounds) and Beaverton Knights of Columbus.

Fender noted that providing ultrasounds are an important part of the work they do.

"We are unapologetically pro-life," Fender said, "and so we believe, and statistics show, that between 85 and 90 percent of women that see the first image of their baby realize that it is a life, that there's a beating heart, the baby at 7-8 weeks is doing acrobatics in the womb; and they realize that and make connections."

Fender pointed out that PCC offers other services in an effort to support women through their pregnancies and through their children's early development. Services include free pregnancy tests, abortion information, adoption referrals, parenting education, maternity and infant supplies, post-abortion support and more.

"We're not arm-twisters or brow-beaters," Fender said. "We're not here to convince anybody, but we are here to do options counseling."

She said that every parent has three choices: to abort, adopt or parent.

"Those are everybody's options across every socioeconomic strata," Fender said. "We all have a choice. We all have made a choice, and we want them to be fully educated on their options."

The Center operates with the help of not only the medical director and Fender, but also their sonographer Patty Hart, volunteer and staff nurses, Outreach Director Lynda Simon and more. It is funded through donations from churches and individuals. Currently, the Center is holding its Fall Baby Bottle Boomerang Fundraiser, in which people can pick up a baby bottle at select churches, fill it with change and return it to church. The fundraiser runs through Nov. 4.

The Pregnancy Care Centers facility is located at 158 SW 2nd Ave. in Canby. They can be reached at 503-266-2673.

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