Canby Herald letters to the editor for the October 24, 2018 edition - election and more election

Support Measure 105 this election cycle

To the editor:

In August 2017, U.S. Attorney for Oregon, Billy Williams, published in The Oregonian an editorial against having Oregon be a sanctuary state. He correctly noted that this relates to illegal alien criminals, not to legal immigrants or even illegal immigrants who are not otherwise criminals.

I invite Oregonians to support (Vote yes) Measure 105, and repeal Oregon's sanctuary law, which protects only criminals. Illegal alien criminals should not be here at all and, when released, present a real danger of committing more crimes against Oregonians.

The Canby Herald.

Given that most crimes are against members of groups, illegal aliens commit many of their crimes against other aliens, legal and illegal.

Illegal aliens commit disproportionately more serious crimes than either citizens or legal immigrants, as is partly shown by their disproportionate presence in Oregon's prisons (4 percent of Oregon's population, but 10-15 percent of its prison population. 143 illegal aliens in prison for murder).

Many ads opposing the measure misrepresent the truth, stating or implying incorrectly that the sanctuary status prevents discrimination or "racial profiling," and that Oregon law officials oppose the measure. Criminals do not represent "Oregon values," but the opposite.

Measure 105 only "discriminates" against serious criminals who harm Oregonians

Alan Gallagher


Looking for support for Tami Little's bid

To the editor:

Please give your support and vote for Tami Little for Clackamas County Assessor. Tami was appointed to the office unanimously by the Clackamas County Commissioners after the retirement of the former assessor for a good reason.

She has been the deputy assessor for nine years and has worked diligently for Clackamas County for more than 30 years. This is the first time in her life where she needed your vote for her job.

In the past, she has just earned her positions in the assessor's office by working hard.

Tami Little is a past-president of the Oregon Association of County Tax Collectors, has earned her position with 34 years of experience with Clackamas County and is the most qualified for the position of Clackamas County Assessor.

I am voting for Tami Little, the current assessor. I urge you to vote for her as well.

Phil Edmunds


Olsen best suited for Senate Dist. 20

To the editor:

Residents of State Senate District 20 will have the choice of voting for their current senator, Alan Olsen, or Charles Gallia (aka: Charles Stoudt).

Most residents of Clackamas County are familiar with Sen. Olsen and his great record of supporting schools, veterans and small business.

However, most are unfamiliar with his opponent, Charles Gallia/Stoudt. In order to cast an informed vote, voters should know that Stoudt failed to pay $9,000 in federal income taxes and five weeks after the IRS tracked him down, Stoudt became Gallia.

Five years later, Gallia still hadn't paid his taxes until he applied for a high paying job with the State of Oregon. In 2016 and 2018, Gallia/Stoudt gave false testimony on his state required statement of economic interest by failing to note $84,000 in debts.

Gallia/Stoudt ran a nonprofit, Pacific Region Group, which failed to file state required paperwork and has been barred from operating in the State of Oregon. Gallia/Stoudt considers himself an "expert" on Medicaid, yet was complicit in the state overpaying Medicaid providers $274 million.

Clackamas County can't afford Charles Gallia/Stoudt.

John Savory


Vote Pamela White

for county clerk

To the editor:

I am writing today to encourage everyone to vote for Pamela White to be the next county clerk for Clackamas County.

I have known Pamela White for over 30 years. Pamela is an individual with a history of selfless service and placing the needs of others ahead of her own.

Electing Pamela White as our county clerk is a natural way for Pamela to demonstrate her concern for the well-being of all residents of Clackamas County.

Pamela White is passionate, courageous, and not afraid to stand up for what is right. Pamela's previous experience on the Canby School Board helped her develop the important leadership skills of listening to the public and responding with plans that meet the needs of the community.

As a retired teacher, I am confident Pamela White will serve us well. Pamela White will be a county clerk with integrity, someone who will make you proud to live in Clackamas County.

If you value a candidate of selfless service, passion, and integrity, I ask you to join me voting for Pamela White as our next county clerk.

Tony Crawford


Library teen room help sought for completion

To the editor

During the construction of the new library, the Canby Rotary Club and Foundation donated $30,000 towards completion of the teen room.

This money went towards the purchase of commercial grade furniture and a large screen TV monitor.

Two years have passed and the colorful, well enjoyed furniture was the only thing of color and comfort in the room.

A written and in-person survey of teens early this year revealed that they would like to see the white walls go away and color in the form of a mural or art wall added to the room. They also asked for a computer bar and more programs presented in this space.

The library is without sufficient funding to finish the teen room. The Friends of the Library has decided to kickstart this process by purchasing three bulletin boards ($300), window film ($600) and a computer bar ($7,000 of which $2,000 was donated by E&M Construction in labor cost).

Still needed: $4000 +/- for cabinetry for supply storage for programs; up to $5,000 for the cost of a mural/art wall; $400 for stools for the computer bar; $2000 for computer tablets.

Friends Of The Library needs your help. We need contributions in the form of cash, memberships, Book Garden purchases, purchasing tickets to our major yearly fundraiser The Christmas Tour of Homes on Dec. 8. FOL is a nonprofit with all volunteers and very few expenses.

This year FOL will commit 100 percent of our revenue from our Christmas Tour of Homes in December towards the programming and completion of the Teen Room.

We understand this is a vital part of our community and hope that you will rally and join us in completing this very worthy project.

Friends of the Canby Public Library Board of Directors

Drazan a good choice this


To the editor:

On Nov. 6, we as Oregonians have some major decisions to make as we fill out our election ballots. \

I can't emphasize how important it is to think about who we are voting for rather than what party they represent.

Christine Drazen is a common-sense person who looks at the big picture, not just party line agendas. She is a devoted mother, involved in her local community (school dist. budget committee and county planning commission), and someone who has experience working in politics.

When you get a chance to know her, you'll learn she shares the same values and morals as most Oregonians.

Christine wants to ensure that our kids receive good education, make sure that our government spends our tax money responsibly and not waste it, wants economic growth opportunities for Oregonians, and wants to keep Oregonians from having to pay higher taxes.

We are very fortunate in District 39 to have someone running for office that truly loves her community, her family, and her State.

She will do a great job representing our District and our Rural community values.

Remember to vote on Nov. 6 for Christine Drazen.

Mitch Magenheimer


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