After several delays, Canby Utility is all moved into its new campus, though additions are coming

Canby Utility opened its doors to the public on Oct. 19 and they came. Mayor Brian Hodson cut the ribbon and residents streamed inside to tour the new facilities and to have lunch.

Just before the ribbon cutting General Manager Dan Murphy spoke and Hodson also spoke briefly.

First Murphy welcomed everyone and made acknowledgments of the board of directors and former board chair Bob Cornelius. He also greeted those involved in putting the new building together from the architects to the construction group.

Probably most important, he noted the new building is actually named the Canby Utility Combined Service Center. In a few short years, all employees will work out of that building instead of working from two different offices. Hence, the six acre site on Third Avenue, which will see a finish to the shell that currently is unfinished. The second phase will "combine all of Canby Utility's employees into one building with better communications, greater efficiencies and most of all better and more responsive customer service with greater convenience for our customers."

The new headquarters building is located at 1265 SE 3rd Avenue, and the open house had been planned for months, although the move came slower than expected.

And the staff will grow in the new building, as Murphy noted at the open house the second phase is planned to begin when the utility breaks ground for an addition to bring the electric crews and water workers into the building.

"This will allow better coordination and improved efficiencies for all utility employees and their work," said Murphy. It also allows more space for the utility to grow and provides a larger parking lot, he added.

The new building cost $5.3 million and Phase II will cost an additional $7.1 million for a total cost of $13.7 million. That number includes the up-coming move when the final crews move into Phase II from their current location near Territorial and Redwood Streets to the six-acre site with the office staff.

This move and open house celebrates the utility's attempts to move over the past 10 years.

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