Firefighters begin plans to put $4.9 million bond to work on remodels and equipment

The Canby Fire District, whose workers expressed happiness for the community's support, is ready to get started planning to put their $4.9 million bond measure to work.

Battalion Chief Todd Gary told the Herald the first step is to set up a bond council, or work with someone that deals with municipal bonds.

That step is followed by the district's budget committee, which includes the district's board of directors as well as five other community members, to approve bringing the money into the budget. He expects that to happen around the first of January.

Then the fun happens.

The Canby Herald.

"We're required by law to spend 80 percent of the money in the first three years," Gary said. "We will take bids for a new fire engine and then decide the best one. But it will take a year or more to get the engine to the district to be of use. That will be part of that 80 percent.

"We have to do a lot of planning and ordering, and make sure of the remodeling plans so our supporters can get their money's worth," Gary added. "We want to be transparent to ensure people know exactly what we're doing."

During those first three years, the district will see new equipment and remodeling of the district's main station as well as the Northside station on Highway 170.

There will be a new medic unit for the smaller Northside station. Then they plan to find land and build a new station on the south side of the railroad tracks so they don't get stopped by a train when they are making emergency calls for a fire or medical problem.

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