Pastor Bobby Nemeth comes from New Jersey and has found the transition a smooth one

Canby Evangelical Church, the oldest continuous church in Canby at 134 years, has a new pastor. Bobby Nemeth, who'd spent most of his life oon the East Coast in New Jersey, has arrived.

He's moved across the country to minister to people from Canby.

"It's different here. In New Jersey I was one of eight pastors and my work was sort of myopic. Now I'm a 'one of one' here, a Jack of all trades."

Nemeth was wondering what to do with his life when he found God at the tender age of 18 and has found it's never been the same.

CAROL ROSEN - Pastor Bobby Nemeth has found his transition from the East Coast to be smooth and enjoyable.

Later, he went on a mission trip to Jamaica to help abandoned children and during a prayer meeting a man there said, "…I was God's anointed and he would help me become a leader," Nemeth told the Herald.

So he took it to heart.

His uncle, who is a reverend in the Methodist Church, suggested he attend a local Christian Bible college, called Somerset.

After he finished four years there, he did graduate work in New York City, and then worked at several different churches.

The churches in New Jersey were large and held a number of pastors. While at Evangel Church in Scotch Plains, NJ, where he was the discipleship pastor, he felt God telling him it was time to move.

At the same time, Pastor Gary Schuknecht felt it was time to retire after serving the Canby church for 22 years.

Canby Evangelical was seeking a pastor to help it grow and reach more souls for Christ.

The young pastor and his wife were perfectly suited to serve as pastor and church secretary. However, the couple had two wishes in their next church -- having lived their lives close to the beach and the big city of New York, they hoped to be close to a beach and a big city.

Turns out, Canby fit both those conditions.

In the six weeks since the Nemeth family has been here they realized it was perfect for them. They have taken over the jobs Schuknecht and his wife Linda held and say they really are happy with the congregation and its people.

"The biggest change is culturally to me. I've never lived where I preached before. We're [he and wife Christina] thriving in this environment," said the 33-year old pastor.

The Churches' website notes that "Pastor Bobby brings a new perspective and style to Canby Evangelical Church. At his old church, a co-worker noted the senior pastor would ask Bobby to do the Bible readings because when he reads The Word, The Word comes alive."

Christina has experience as a church secretary and the two enjoy working together.

She also has a degree in biblical studies and has worked to reduce human sex trafficking. She has also works with an organization that trains women in poor countries in skills that provides them a living.

Canby Evangelical Church of North America is a bible church that's located at 339 SE Township Road. The church is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It holds Sunday School at 9 a.m. and Worship Service at 10:30 a.m. along with Children's Church for ages three through fifth grade.

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