Odd Moe's will begin pitching pizza and beer to Canby fans beginning in January

A new baseball team is coming to town; but instead of baseballs, they'll be tossing pizzas.

A Willamette Valley based pizza company, Odd Moe's, is hoping to open their doors in Canby by mid-January, according to co-owner Mike Sublett.

Located in the Safeway parking lot in the former Cascade Pizza Co. space, this will be the eighth location for Odd Moe's, which Sublett said is based on baseball, high quality pizza, and taking care of customers.

"We kind of have a formula on what our product is, but pizza comes down to what people like," Sublett said. "So we've always done it the way we do it, and then just try to find people who like us and take care of them. It sounds kind of corny that that's our philosophical approach, but that's really it when you come down to it is: try to make a good, solid product that people love, but you've got to take care of people.

"So we do a lot in the communities," he added. "The saying that we always go by is, 'If you take care of the community, the community will take care of you.'"

COURTESY ODD MOE'S - The owners of Odd Moe's Pizza stop for a photo. They are Mike Sublett (left) and Sam Wibowo (right).

Sublett, and co-owner Sam Wibowo picked the community of Canby for their next location because of the opportunity to be located next to the high school, a model that's proven successful at their McMinnville location.

In McMinnville, Odd Moe's sits "about a football field and a half" away from the high school, and Sublett said the company's relationship with the schools has been the cornerstone of their success in that community.

When it comes to pizza, Odd Moe's makes a high-quality product using handmade dough, homemade sauce, high-quality mozzarella and fresh meats. But Sublett said it's really the little things, like hand-cut vegetables, that makes their pizza stand out from the crowd.

Odd Moe's dabbles in other things besides pizza too.

"We like to play around too," Sublett said. "We've got our own Moe Beer. We've got our own hot sauce. We've got our own water, actually...It's called Moe H2O…There's no rhyme or reason to us other than we just work hard."

On the menu, in addition to pizza, Odd Moe's offers wings, salads and a hearty beer menu—all available for delivery. In fact, according to Sublett, Moe's was the first company to be able to deliver beer.

Prices range from $15.99 for a Chicago pizza pie to $25.49 for an extra-large pizza—prices Sublett said are an incredible value for customers, considering the quality of the pizza and service.

Odd Moe's also offers CBD drinks, which will be sold in Canby, at least at first as the company is still working out the kinks associated with selling the drinks. Sublett said though the products are legal to sell to persons 18 years of age, Odd Moe's only sells to those 21 and older.

COURTESY ODD MOE'S - The Odd Moe's menu.

But where does baseball come in, you ask? Well it's at the center of the company's logo for a good reason.

"When you look at baseball…they've always portrayed themselves as very professional, very respected—a clean, crisp kind of a game; but underneath the uniform is just a bunch of knuckleheads," Sublett said. "Our mascot was framed after a guy called Mark Fidrych, who is 'The Bird.' He pitched back in Detroit in the early '70s, and he used to talk to the baseball and make little mounds around the pitcher's mound.

"So one thing about our company," Sublett continued, "is we look professional, we act professional, we market that way, all of those; but when we really get down to it, behind all that there's just a bunch of really good-hearted knuckleheads."

The two main knuckleheads, Sublett and Wibowo, founded the pizza place in May of 1999, and have grown the company to its eight locations, several of which are now franchises owned by managers and others who have been with the company for years. Sublett and Wibowo own the Canby location, but intend it to be a franchise at some point.

Barring any hiccups, Sublett hopes to throw the first pitch for Canby fans in January.

"There's a lot of good pizza places out there," Sublett said. "I'm not one to argue when somebody likes something. I just want to find the customers that like us."

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