First meeting of new year features swearing-in events and a look to what might be coming

Just after the Jan. 2 Canby City Council meeting started, Mayor Brian Hodson presented Tyler Smith with a plaque for his service to the city and its council.

Then, Judge Rod Grafe began swearing in voted-in Council members Tracie Heidt and Shawn Varwig. Greg Parker is on vacation and will be sworn in at the next meeting.

Shawn Varwig and Tracie Heidt (left) are sworn in to their Canby City Council seats by Judge Rod Grafe at the Jan. 2 council meeting.

Judge Grafe then swore in Hodson for another term.

Interestingly, a citizen spoke up, asking the council to update two areas of the website. She noted the maps are confusing. One was completed in 2007, but there's a later map from 2015 that should be used. She suggested moving the citywide map to the top of the page instead of leaving it on the bottom. Finally, she noted three of the links don't work: the bike and pedestrian, city parks and downtown.

Hodson asked staff to fix the website.

Canby Mayor Brian Hodson is officially sworn in for his fourth term at the Jan. 2 meeting.

He told councilors the Park Advisory Board would be at the Jan. 16 council meeting to discuss a couple of items. First, there will be a presentation about the soon-to-be unveiled splash pad that is quickly moving forward.

The second action deals with a field feasibility study the board is working on with Canby School District for a sports field. Nothing has been decided yet, but there is and has been talk about it.

Currently, the Park Advisory Board is talking with the district about a field behind Ackerman Junior High, which has been vacant for a while. This would become a sports complex.

Hodson then opened the public hearing. The Planning Commission approved the annexation and zone change for 4.84 acres of real property owned by Swelland the applicant, for a zone change to R-1.5 or medium density residential. The land is actually an island and could be part of the North Redwood Development Concept Plan within an area that already was approved by the planning commission and the city council.

The area surrounding the un-annexed land, was approved earlier last year as part of the North Redwood plan. It's expected to provide about 30 new single family detached home sites ranging between 5,000 to 6,500 square-foot lots. All necessary public services are available for extension by the developer.

After Planning Director Brian Brown and the applicant, no one spoke for or against the annexation and zone change. Four of the five council members at the meeting voted for the change, only Varwig, who was on the Planning Commission at the time of the election, abstained. A later ordinance allowing the annexation and zone change passed.

Hodson went over the new liaison roles and City Administrator Rick Robinson talked about planning and designing.

Council members again voted to pass the city traffic code allowing trucks that start and/or finish deliveries within Canby City limits to use all available roads, while trucks just passing through are limited to truck routes.

They also agreed to allow the Canby Police Department to purchase—at a discount—the Clackamas 800 Radio Group to replace their 20-year old radios.

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