A glitch or two later, the Canby Herald staff delivers round 2, encompassing coffee, wine, guacamole and you know, news.

COURTESY PHOTO - As promised, here's a picture of snow-buried Central Oregon. This was taken in Redmond, Oregon this week.

COURTESY PHOTO: NOEL WOOD - A snowed-in winter wonderland in Bend, Oregon this week.Episode 2 of the Canby Vibe podcast delivered more than anyone had bargained for—twice.

The Canby Herald staff sat down to talk about snow in Canby, Coffee with the Superintendent, the Charm bracelet program getting started, the Amazing Kid program through Pamplin and guacamole, to name a few.

Unfortunately, moments after the crew covered everything they'd wanted, as well as some interesting journeys down an odd path or two, the entire broadcast had vanished from the engineer's computer. So, Herald staffers had to do it all over again, which presented more than a few issues given that sports writer Tanner Russ had an interview he needed to leave for in a few moments.

Russ was forced to quickly rehash his sports discussions on the fly, then leave for his appointments. From there, Kristen, Carol and John went over the same ground as before, sadly without Tanner's always-interesting contributions.

When it was all over, Canby Vibe eventually got recorded and with a heavy dose of editing to get Tanner in his rightful spot, and showed up Thursday night for community consumption.

It was a battle for more than two hours, but a battle the Canby Herald staff eventually won, though Kristen and Carol's penchant for wine and guacamole continues to mystify John.

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