Canby firefighters surprised Deedra Thompson after surgery with bedpan full of goodies

Occasionally, semi-serious requests made on social media come to fruition. Canby's Deedra Thompson can testify, as a recent joke turned to three firemen at her doorstep.

Thompson tends to joke around on Facebook, with "hunky" emergency responders often at the center of her humor. Canby Fire's Battalion Chief Todd Gary said he regularly pokes back at Thompson's jokes.

"There's plenty of angst on the internet," Thompson said. "I like to keep things rolling in a positive light. So, I started making happy posts about 'hunky firefighters/police,' and it's all in innocent fun."

Her experience with Canby Fire Department began in 2012 when Thompson experienced a work accident at her longtime employer, Johnson Controls.

"Canby Fire responded, and I was so impressed with their care and compassion," she said. "I never forgot that experience."

Thompson had shoulder surgery recently, and turned to Facebook to find prayers and well-wishes.

COURTESY DEEDRA THOMPSON - Captain Jason Wanner and Firefighters Adam Carter and Wyatt Brawner pay Deedra Thompson a visit after her shoulder surgery."So, I posted a simple update—thank-yous, and added that I maybe could use a 'welfare check' via hunky firefighters or police," Thompson said.

It may have been a joke, but Canby Fire is used to responding.

"So we always kind of joke around," said Gary. "Well after her surgery, she had said something about the good-looking firefighters. Jason came to me and said, 'I know where she lives.' And I said, 'Perfect, if you guys want to swing by there, go ahead.' So, they went over there and just wished her well from coming home from surgery, and took her some flowers."

The three Canby Fire heroes were Captain Jason Wanner, Adam Carter and Wyatt Brawner, who went bearing a bedpan full of goodies.

The small gesture blew Thompson away.

"Friday morning, while still in my jammies, my doorbell rings at 10 a.m.," Thompson said. "And there stood three of Canby's finest firefighter/paramedics with gifts in their hands. I was so surprised…almost started to cry; but we all shook hands, had some laughs and I asked for a selfie with them.

"I am so grateful to live in a community, not just 'a town,' but a real, caring community," Thompson added.

COURTESY DEEDRA THOMPSON - Thompson's bedpan gift was filled with a card, flowers, an orange, a can of soup and a Sudoku book.

Apparently, the whole thing provided some much-needed comic relief for the firefighters as well.

"They thought it was great," Gary said. "I always talk about, you know, we try to do more than just be the guys that run calls. We want to be a real big part of this community. And when we can do fun things like that, it kind of breaks up the monotony of running calls and doing that everyday stuff, so it's fun for us as well as it is for other people. Those are the good times."

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