Herald staffers look at the Youth Summit initiative, turf replacement, girls wrestling and more

Canby Herald staffers finished up their third podcast by looking at the growing Youth Summit initiative, turf replacement at Canby High School, and a host of other issues.

TANNER RUSS - Canby's girl's wrestling squad.

Canby Vibe looked at the burgeoning girls wrestling scene and how Canby High School's three female wrestlers were setting an exciting and trailblazing trend for the future. Sports reporter Tanner Russ talked about his recent feature story on the three ladies and shared a lot of background on their experiences as high school wrestlers.

In a discussion of what they'd like to see downtown in terms of businesses, the staff offered up some thoughts on how to fill the roughly 10 open spaces in Canby's downtown. From an old school soda shop to a new book store, Italian restaurant or a pop culture nick-knack store, the staff talked about how to help the downtown diversify and, hopefully, get more folks into the core area.

The staff also talked about a rumor or two about new things coming to town, as well as the possibilities of First Thursday finding success in Canby.

Along the way, there were tales of margarita consumption, boxed wine, lawn care and a host of other tangents Canby Vibe wandered down.

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