Canby Public Library will have the works of Brad Beach on display through April 30

Work of Brad Beach will be on display at the Canby Library through April.

The Canby Public Library will have the work of Brad Beach on display through April 30. Beach grew up in Portland in the 1950s.

The space age, atomic age and all things tropical dominated the imagery of that time. His father owned a sign shop, and exposure to advertising art led to an appreciation of line, form and color.

He studied architecture at Portland State University in his early years and has worked as a commercial artist and has training as both a painter and ceramicist. He has worked with wood, glass, metal, stone and clay. He is currently focused on painting with acrylics.

"My work is inspired by the images and forms that I observe in nature," he said, "but I prefer to leave it up to the viewer to decide what they see in the work."

Beach enjoys the art programs at local community colleges and finds them to be a "wonderful resource in our area."

Access to their facilities has allowed him to further explore the arts while interacting with other artists, both young and mature.

Sixteen of his paintings are on display through April 30.

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