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Early cost estimates sit at $13.5 million, intergovernmental agreement with school district likely coming soon

While other subjects were discussed, the main topic at the May 1 City Council meeting was centered on an update of the Ackerman Sports Complex and the questions surrounding that update. Questions were asked and in some cases answered, but the biggest question—can the city do this?—won't be answered for at least a couple of months, according to Mayor Brian Hodson.

COURTESY PHOTO: CITY OF CANBY - Pictured is the current master plan for the Ackerman Sports Complex, presented at the May 1 City Council meeting.

There were questions about parking, costs and working with the Canby School District. One of those, from Council member Sarah Spoon, questioned whether the school district would go along with the city, because she didn't think the city should take on the complex by itself at the costs indicated in the update.

Early estimates of cost were considered to be on the high end, according to the mayor. The designers used a figure of $13.5 million at this point, which included a contingency figure of 20 percent. City Administrator Rick Robinson noted that the figure could change a number of ways, but put the true cost ranged between $11 and $15 million. However, he noted the city used value engineering in building the library, which started out at $10 million, but ended up a less expensive at $6.9 million.

The $13.5 million covers everything from permits to direct and indirect construction costs. The numbers were at the planning level, but a summary of preliminary cost estimates.

A lot has to do with Ackerman School, whether, as Hodson would like to see, the building become a community/youth center. Apparently, he's discussed the idea of using the former middle school as a community center along with the sports complex and other residents like the idea. In fact, it may be discussed on May 22 when the Canby Children/Youth summit holds its second meeting.

Toward the end of May, the city will get together with the school district to work out an intergovernmental agreement, these will happen on May 16 and May 23.

Questions about parking, trees and fill-in items such as lights, landscaping, trails, exercise centers and learning stations were also discussed and remain definite add-ins to the complex.

Hodson also announced the city's budget meetings will be held May 9 and May 16. These are open to the public and all residents are invited.

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