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Ryan Moore finds joy and more in offering a helping hand to classmates and teachers

Ryan Moore was selected as this year's Amazing Kid for the Canby Herald.It only takes a few moments, or an interaction or two, between the students and staff of Carus Elementary school and 11-year-old Ryan Moore to seize on the vibe that Moore is something special.

For staff at the school, the sixth-grader proves that every day. It's why they hold him such high esteem--and why he was nominated, and ultimately selected, the 2019 Amazing Kid for the Canby Herald.

But it has been that way for years, as several teachers noted in their letters of recommendation.

"I feel proud," Ryan says of his selection as a 2019 Amazing Kid. "I feel like the little kids (in the school) look up to me and see how I act. We have kindergarten buddies, so I want them to see good things from me: good behavior, no shouting or doing other things."

Ryan has made himself somewhat indispensable to the students and staff at Carus Elementary, welcoming the school to the day with daily weather report during the morning announcement. Ryan simply has a fascination with weather and its effects, and took it upon himself to not only keep up with what's happening weather-wise in the area, but start the daily weather report.

"I love the weather," Ryan says. "Oregon has some much different kinds of weather--hot in the summer and cold in the winter with rain, snow and other things. I want to be a meteorologist. I think seeing different weather every day is really fun."

JAIME VALDEZ - Canby Herald Amazing Kid Ryan Moore (center) is joined by Pamplin Media Group President Mark Garber (left) and Vice President Brian Monihan during the April 29 celebration of all 28 teens from across the region at OMSI.

But that's only the beginning. Teachers note that Ryan spends a good part of each school day looking for ways to help fellow students and staff. Staff note that he is always willing to help with a project or tutoring of another student.

"He is there because he's a helper at heart," said Randee Onion, third grade teacher. "And he wants others to be successful. It was Ryan's idea, years ago, to help with the announcements. Now. We teachers relay on him coming to our room to teach and help students."

Eccles Principal Sam Thompson agreed, saying, "Ryan has had a continuous positive impact on our school. This is displayed even in his everyday actions - which are respectful and kind and empathetic. He makes good decisions and cares about other people, which shows in how he treats his peers and his teachers. He's one of those kids that you can count on to do the right thing. Staff has joked that he's like an additional staff member- he can be counted on to help with bus duty, pass along messages to adults, or help in any other way. He's a great kid and we'll miss him when he moves on at the end of the school year."

And while he spends a good portion of the day looking for ways to make a difference, Ryan's day isn't done when the final bell sounds.

No, he's taken on another duty that helps in myriad ways. He's taken on the job of 'bus duty manager,' wherein he makes sure all teachers have walkie-talkies to communicate as busses pick up students, and oversees the checkout system, including helping to locate students who may be on the wrong bus.

"I really like doing bus duty," Ryan says. "I like to help get the teachers that have bus duty their stuff and making sure the kids are on the right bus. Sometimes the parents will tell the school they are coming to pick up their kid and I have to know which bus they are on to get them off.

"I started doing it in third grade and in fifth grade it became a full-time thing after school," Ryan adds.

And his help has not gone unappreciated by staff.

"As a staff we rely on Ryan to manage our check out system and deliver walkie talkies," said Onion. "I use the word 'rely' for a reason. Last week Ryan was gone for two days and bus duty was a mess. With Ryan at the helm, we'd all forgotten how much work was involved in bus duty."

It's all in a day's work for Ryan, who says "I like helping people. It feels good to be able to do things for other people."

When he's not tracking the weather or helping a younger student with math or some other work, Ryan enjoys sports, most notably basketball and soccer, as well as having pool parties during the hot summer days.

As for the future, college certainly beckons and the all-important training to be a meteorologist, but Ryan admits that there's something else he'd like to experience as he gets older.

"I want to go to Hawaii and go snorkeling. The water is so clear and you can see the turtles and fish. That would be fun."

For now, though, Ryan is thankful that those around him think enough of him to have nominated him for the Amazing Kid award for 2019.

"It's amazing that it has gotten this far," he says.

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