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The summit will meet to determine a purpose, mission and function for the coalition

It's been a long, cold and wet winter since the people behind the Youth Summit met last January and much has been accomplished.

On May 22 the group will meet again, this time in hopefully warmer and dryer weather from 2- 4 p.m. at the Ackerman School library.

As we reported earlier, many of the students didn't like to be called children; they preferred youth. So the name of the group has changed its name to the Youth Coalition.

As expected, members of the group went out to schools and talked with many students from all grades to question elementary through high school youth to determine what they think they want and need in Canby. Once the data was acquired from the student focus groups, it took about a month to go over it and put it into a form for everyone who attended the first summit meeting.

One idea that came from a majority of the students was a community center or some place they could go after school to get together, socialize, get help with their homework and play sports.

The idea has gotten legs since the City Council's potential plan for sports fields at Ackerman. In fact, that might be the perfect place for a community center with its placement near the Swim and Adult centers.

But nothing is set in stone. That depends on the city and the Canby School District working together to design and Intergovernmental Agreement for the sports fields and possibly a community center at the former middle school.

It is hoped the group can draw specific conclusions from that data and consider what the next steps they need to take. For example, what did we learn from the data and how does it guide us toward the future?

Finally, the group plans to discuss development of the Coalition. Kiwanis President Tony Crawford hopes to discuss formulating a purpose and a mission as well as a function for the group.

Carol Rosen
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