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The group continues to work to beautify the area along Highway 99E with the help of volunteers

The weather might have been a bit better than the Saturday before Thanksgiving, when Canby Area Beautification and 20-plus volunteers came out this spring to weed and plant Italian Cypress trees in the area between the railroad tracks and Highway 99E.

This year, the group decided to hold a planting day on May 15 as well as the Saturday before Thanksgiving when they've always held it in the past.

The trees won't stop visibility but will make the area bloom and show that Canby truly is the 'Garden Spot.' Right now they look more like small shrubs, but they will grow and in time provide some shelter in front of the railroad tracks.

The trees were put in just behind the double pink knockout roses planted last November, which exist behind Dutch Iris and already-bloomed daffodils, both of which were donated by Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, allowing the gardeners to provide a constant display of flowers into and out of the city.

DEBORAH GUINTHER - The Italian Cypress plant are prepared for planting.

"They just show how beautiful Canby can be," said Rebecca Landrum-Rama, a member of Canby Area Beautification.

"It's our vision to get the community more involved by planting the flowers and trees and watching them grow," she added. "They will bloom in stages and stay pretty for a long time, coming in stages and welcoming visitors and tourists."

Among those donating to this planting were Wilco Farm Stores, Philips Soil, Canby Landscape Supply and Garden World, which donated tree gators, which are like water bags for baby trees, ensuring the baby trees get the proper amount of water.

The human volunteers didn't seem to mind the drizzle that accompanied their work. Canby firefighters were out working hard as were Key Bank employees, who devoted their annual volunteer day this year to work with Canby Area Beautification. You could easy spot them in their bright red shirts.

Others included Canby Councilor Greg Parker, Carol Palmer with the city's Heritage & Landmark Commission and Canby Area Beautification members Dave Dodge, vice president of the group; Vern Hulit, the treasurer and secretary; Frank Lehner; Haunt Rama CAB's photographer/graphics; Landrum-Lama; Eva Smith; and Cathy Rae Smith, CAB president.

The group is now turning its focus toward fundraising before their next planting the Saturday before Thanksgiving . It's also hoped to get the community more involved in planting and working together for the beauty of the city.

"Everything we raise goes directly into funding for Canby Area Beatification," said Cathy Rae Smith whose group is hoping to see the flowers and trees stretch the entire length of Canby on Highway 99E.

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