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Tracie Heidt announces that she will step down from her Canby Council post on July 17

Canby City Councilor Tracy Heidt will step down from her seat, effective July 17. Heidt informed the council officially during Wednesday's regular council meeting.

Citing increased work responsibility and time, as well as a desire to have evenings free for her family, Heidt said it was time for the 4 1/2-year run on city council to come to a close.

"I'm on a new career path, a lasting career path in public involvement and it takes a lot of my time," Heidt said. "The office has moved downtown, so my commute is even longer. I just don't have the time and energy to put into city council anymore."Canby City Councilor Tracie Heidt will step down from the council on July 17.

Heidt said she is grateful for the opportunity to serve and found plenty of positives in her time on the Canby City Council, citing the parks maintenance fee, Sequoia Grove Apartments and the library as highlights during her time on council.

"The library was why I ran five years ago," she said. "I'm so delighted with how successful that's been and how well it's going there. I've enjoyed being involved in long-term goals to maintain and increase our parks. And I think the Sequoia Grove Apartments is something I'm also proud of. That was a contentious vote a few years ago, but it turned out to be a good decision.

"I'm also proud of nominating Walt Daniels as a hometown hero," she added. "That's definitely a top-4 thing for me. He deserved it."

Looking to the future, Heidt sees some work to do concerning the Columbia Distributing facility out at the industrial park, as well as some work still to do with the Dahlia.

"I think in the short-term, the Columbia distribution facility is going to be a big challenge," Heidt said. "There's some anxiety within the community about that, so I think there will be some growing pains with that project for the council and city staff.

"I still have high hopes for the Dahlia downtown," she added. "I hope it will start a positive chain-reaction for revitalization. I'm cautiously optimistic about that. Downtowns are struggling with revitalization, so I hope folks catch the vision and it works in Canby."

And that will take time and energy for the council, something she admitted she was short on now.

"I'm being pulled in too many directions at this point," she said. "I can't do the job at the same level I used to do it for this city."

Canby Mayor Brian Hodson, for one, will miss Heidt on the council.

"I totally understand why Tracie made the decision she made," said Hodson. "It has been great having her on the council and I know she didn't come to this decision lightly." Hodson noted how much Heidt had grown into the job and that she wasn't someone who "phoned it in" in terms of being prepared.

"That just wasn't her," said Hodson. "She brought a lot to our council. She offered a unique perspective and a thoughtfulness to the issues we were tackling for Canby.

"City council is a big-time commitment, so I totally understand the desire, with her work schedule, to balance that demand with free time with the family. I appreciate that completely," added Hodson.

Hodson said that with Heidt's resignation, the process for filling the empty seat will begin quickly. The open seat will be posted and applications accepted.

"We'll probably have it open anywhere from 30 to 45 days, depending on what the council wants to do," said Hodson. "Then we'll conduct interviews and make the appointment."

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