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With the office in disarray from the move in-process, The Canby Herald staff talks bipartisanship, sports and other off-topic things

Amidst the cacophony of movers that were unexpectedly on the scene, the Canby Vibe podcast was able to get off the ground and running, though in unexpected ways. The staff and the building were in something of disarray as desks were being moved and computers that had been unplugged were often missing important programs when rebooted.

And in a hot and humid room, Kristen Wohlers, Derek Wiley, Carol Rosen and John Baker delivered a virtuoso performance of getting off topic and into strange realms.

Things opened up with Kristen offering her take on a recent visit from State Representative Christine Drazan and United States Representative Kurt Schrader, who talked about issues and potential solutions regarding government in Oregon and the United States. It was a stairway into a discussion about the job of legislators, the ugly tentacles that can ensnare them once in office, and how what we've forgotten about cooperation should be hammered home with the 9/11 anniversary coming up.

It was a wide-ranging discussion that allowed the staff to offer some thoughts on the potential that Oregonians, and Americans, have in terms of working together, and how infrequently we demonstrate that.

Fortunately, Derek offered a fun perspective on the start of the fall high school sports season this week. While some action occurred the week before, most of the Canby High sports squads will be in full action this week, including the home football opener Friday night against Lincoln High.

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