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Several of Canby's elementary school principals compete in 'epic principal joke battles'

Distance learning comes with its challenges, and some students are growing weary. To break up the monotony, several of Canby's elementary school principals have filmed joke battles for their school communities to enjoy.

"We know right now the critical importance of social distancing, but we also know that it's important for us to try and stay connected during this time," said Eccles Principal Andy McKean at the start of the first video on April 3. "As principals, we not only miss our students and staff but our friends as well. To that end, we wanted to send our communities a combined video letting you guys know that we miss you and that we're thinking about you often."

Both "epic principal joke battles" can be found on YouTube by searching "Skyler Rodolph."

For the first battle, McKean served as the moderator and judge, challenging Ninety-One Principal Skyler Rodolph and Carus Principal Sam Thompson to a battle against each other.

The rules are simple. The two principals take turns telling jokes and trying to get the other principal to laugh. If they are successful, then it's a point.

Rodolph got a little cultural to start things off.

"Do you know that the first French fries were not actually cooked in France?" he said. "They were cooked in grease."

Unfortunately, Thompson was able to maintain a stone-cold demeanor. No points.

Then it was Thompson's turn.

"What did the ranch say when someone opened the refrigerator door? Close the door; I'm dressing!"

Rodolph laughed. Point for Thompson.

YOUTUBE - Principals Sam Thompson of Carus (left) and Skyler Rodolph of Ninety-One (right) compete in a joke battle. Principal Andy McKean of Eccles (bottom) moderates and judges.

The jokes continued until Thompson led 5-4 with one joke each to go. That's when Rodolph decided to pull out what he called "the big guns." That is, he told an original joke inspired by his life on the farm.

"What do you call a sheep covered in dollar bills?" he said. "Cash ewes." For the tie.

But Thompson said he had saved his best for last.

"Mr. Rodolph, do you know what kind of sugar Lady Gaga puts in her coffee?" he said, before proceeding to sing the lines, "Raw, raw … raw, raw, raw."

So, Thompson became the champion, and he challenged another principal to a new battle.

It was Lee Principal Cherie Switzer who stepped up to the plate for the second battle May 1. In this video, Rodolph took on the role of moderator and judge.

It was slow-going at first — tied 1-1 after several jokes, with both principals able to refrain from laughing at each other's attempts.

It was another story for Switzer's own jokes though, causing Rodolph to intervene at one point.

"I just feel like I need to pause and reclarify the rules," Rodolph said. "You don't get points for you laughing at your own jokes, Mrs. Switzer."

YOUTUBE - In the second battle, Principals Sam Thompson of Carus (left) and Cherie Switzer of Lee (right) compete, with Skyler Rodolph of Ninety-One moderating.

It was 2-2 before the final round. Switzer went first for a swing and a miss, leaving the battle wide open for Thompson.

"Why did the Irish cook only add 239 beans to the bean soup?" Thompson said. "Because if he added one more it would be —" and Thompson struggled to pronounce the phrase in an Irish accent, " 'two farty.' "

Everyone laughed, and Thompson came out on top once again. In the end, they said to stay tuned for the next battle.

Check out the videos here:

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