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I wanted to piggyback on a letter that was in last week's Canby Herald.

While I sympathize with the letter-writer about the experiencing turning negative thanks to the ill-mannered behavior of some people during the parade, I think it's important to remember that given the sheer number of folks that lined the parade route and the youthful selfishness we've all experienced as children demonstrated by a few, that the parade as a whole should be regarded as not only fun, but successful.

There are always going to be those, either young or old, who take things too far or simply don't conduct themselves in a way that demonstrates respect for others around them. That's just the way life is.

The letter-writer obviously found the experience of being around those types of people unpleasant and for that I think we're all sorry. But for the most part, I'd say that this year's Canby Independence Day Celebration parade was a wonderful tribute to small-town Americana. In the words of The Osmonds, "One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch, girl."

Parents and children need to do a better job of understanding boundaries and respect for others, as well as good old-fashioned generosity at events like this. Again, it takes a village and some of Canby's villagers didn't do a good job.

But that shouldn't diminish from the whole of the parade, which was fantastic. Canby put on a great show and despite some moments that may not have shown as brightly as we'd like, it was a tremendous day.

Phillip Clayton


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