Canby Herald letters to the editor for the January 17, 2018 edition - thanks is offered

Thanks offered for holiday help

To the editor:

After many months of preparation, over 1,000 hours of volunteer time, and support from a generous community, the 2017 Kiwanis Canby Community Food and Toy Drive was able to provide holiday assistance to 385 local families, including gifts for 990 children.

The Canby Herald.

Although there are just too many donations of time, services, and money to thank every contributor publicly, we would like to extend special appreciation to the Clackamas County Event Center and staff for the use of the building and for being so helpful, and to the Canby Rotary Club, Direct Link, Kahut Waste Services, Action Acres Paintball, Shimadzu USA Manufacturing, Intel Foundation, Carria, Inc., Mary-Mariah Olson, the Toma Family, Connie Tye's birthday contributors and Cutsforth's Thriftway for their extremely generous assistance.

Also, we want to recognize the Canby High School Leadership Class for coordinating the Halloween food drive and all of the school food drives, delivering the food to the warehouse, and collecting $760 in change. That was a huge commitment!

Although spearheaded by the Canby Kiwanis Club, the success of this project is truly a community endeavor. It was so heartwarming to see families, friends, and organizations—youth and senior citizens alike—all pitching in to sort food and toys, fill the boxes and gift bags, and assist in any way we needed them. It was truly a sense of a community pulling together to help its members in need.

We are so proud of our community and what we are able to accomplish when we work together. Thank you.

Sharon Schneider

Canby Kiwanis Club

Canby Fire District does good things

To the editor:

Did everyone else know what the local Canby Fire District does beyond putting out fires? I didn't -- until an orthopedist told me the discolored swelling in my hand would necessitate cutting off my finger if I didn't remove the ring. Sometimes, he informed me, a fireman can cut off the ring.

Inasmuch as I could not drive as a result of a shoulder injury that week, a neighbor/friend drove me to Canby's Fire District.

Not a busy fire day in June, there were several young firemen who stood 'round to observe the delegated "cut man" who diligently, but slowly, sawed at the gold circlet surrounding an enlarged, purplish ring finger on my left hand.

Not once during that 9-12 minute session did I experience a nick or see blood seep, but I was amazed at the young fireman's quiet persistence to accomplish my request.

Finally, when he achieved a 'breakthrough' and handed me the bent circlet, was I relieved. One of his fellow crew members fetched an envelope bearing the return address of Canby Fire District into which he placed my prized doublet.

I thanked them profusely but could not recall whether the 'craftsman' was even wearing a name badge, nor did I even ask his name.

This is just one of the many salutes that other locals could tell about the faithful and well-trained fire district which serves to protect others. It has been months, but yes, I finally had my local jeweler, Piper's Jewelry, repair the 'cut' and can once again wear my rings.

MaryLou Burke


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