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Canby Herald letters to the editor for the March 14, 2018 edition look at heritage trail and letter

Women's heritage trail a nice addition for Canby

To the editor:

I read with great excitement the story about the upcoming event celebrating Oregon's first heritage trail dedicated to women.

I hate to say that it's about time, but it's about time the contributions of women in Oregon's communities, including Canby's, are more fully explored and appreciated.

Canby Herald letters to the editor.

It's hard not to hear some of the stories of important women that ran throughout Canby's colorful history and I'm glad there's going to be an organized effort to honor those in Canby.

I hope there will be a large turnout for the heritage trail dedication on March 22 at the Canby Public Library (at 4 p.m., folks).

I also believe it's fitting that former Governor Barbara Roberts will be on hand at the trail's unveiling.

Roberts was a pioneer for women in politics in this state and has remained active on many levels in pushing women's issues to the front.

Canby is a wonderful town, with kind and generous people, as well as a welcoming atmosphere.

Women have always been instrumental in perpetuating those things within Canby and I'm delighted that there will now be an historical footprint in Canby honoring those women.

Congratulations to the Canby Heritage and Landmark Commission's work on the Canby Women's Trail.

I look forward to walking in the footsteps of some of Canby's amazing ladies.

Emily Daigle


Earlier letter seemed

insensitive and offensive

To the editor:

This letter is in response to a letter published several weeks ago. I found it to be extremely insensitive and offensive to families of two young men who are grieving their deaths.

I do not agree that "recent suicides point to a need for Jesus." The inference made by that statement suggests that the young people who lost their lives didn't know Jesus, and needed forgiveness for "sin."

This hit me as terribly judgmental and an affront to friends and family of the victims on this tragedy.

"Judge not lest you be judged, Mr. Johnson."

You never walked in these young men's shoes. You have no idea of their relationship with Jesus. Your letter struck me as having very narrow understanding of God's message to his followers.

How about showing compassion and unconditional love? I would encourage you to re-think your suggestion to "Find a good Bible believing church."

We all need to be careful not to rush to judgement of others.

Jo Ellen Reif


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