Canby Herald letters to the editor for March 28, 2018 edition -- liberal rhetoric and smartt listening

Canby officials falling

into 'liberal rhetoric'

To the editor:

After months of inspecting the Canby Herald, I find it very sad to see our elected officials falling into the liberal rhetoric.

There seems little effort from our elected to "listen" to the citizens of Canby regarding progress.

Ugly buildings, wasted resources, more fees for what we are already taxed on. Parks? Come On.

We moved to Canby for the beauty, peaceful neighborhoods, good schools, not escalating ridiculous fees and more taxes with no results.

Vicki Shaddix


Read and listen with

intelligent caution

To the editor:

We note in last week's Canby Herald that among the most requested books at our local library is the "adult nonfiction" title, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" by Michael Wolff.

The Canby Herald.

Credible sources inform us that this book fails to be "nonfiction." Evidently even the author has admitted to weak and/or missing sourcing for some of its contents.

Perhaps Mr. Wolff is part of the political "hate Trump" crowd - hating because their less-than-patriotic ideological agenda is frustrated and obstructed by President Trump's "America first" agenda.

In our current political climate, we must read and listen with intelligent caution.

Pat Smith


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