Canby Herald letters to the editor for the May 9, 2018 edition - Aurora fire levy, candidate support

Aurora fire levy worth

support from voters

To the editor:

When you call 911 in the 64-square mile Aurora Fire District service area you expect a fast response with the right equipment and personnel to meet your fire and life safety needs.

Our fire board unanimously recommends that voters approve this operating levy to provide the resources necessary to be there to help you and your family at the time of accident, fire or medical emergency.

Please vote "yes' on Measure 24-428 to provide the funds necessary to keep our emergency services ready to serve you when you need life safety services.

Greg Leo

Vice president

Aurora Rural Fire District

The Canby Herald.

Drazan is worth supporting

To the editor:

I was so excited when I heard Christine Drazan was running for State Representative. She has a long list of community involvement and is a true community leader.

She will hit the ground running, and be an effective voice in Salem. She is hard working and passionate.

I am proudly supporting Christine Drazan for State Representative, I hope you will also.

Bil Perry


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