Canby Herald letters to the editor for May 23, 2018 issue - retirement, new development and more

A retirement, a change

and a thank you

To the editor:

I appreciate the trust you have shown in allowing me to provide for your chiropractic needs over the years. I am retiring from practice beginning June 1, 2018.

You can access your chart from Dr. David Dewar D.C. at Dewar Chiropractic & Associates. He is happy to continue care for my patients. If, for whatever reason, you decide to be treated elsewhere, please contact Dr. Dewar's office as he is the custodian of my records.

Dr. David Dewar, DC

Dewar Chiropractic & Associates

332 NW 1st Avenue

Canby, Oregon 97013


If you need chiropractic care prior to the closure of my practice, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic. My desire is that the closure of my practice be as easy on you as possible. Once again, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been your chiropractor.

Dr. Roger Stewart, DC, PC.


New development not

good for Canby

To the editor:

As a homeowner and president of the Dinsmore Estates 2 HOA, I attended a May 15, 2018 meeting regarding the proposed townhome development offered by Multi/Tech Engineering Services, Inc. from Salem.

The property location is at the corner of Ivy and 13th Avenue. Our HOA is impacted on one side, Hope Village on the other, and directly across 13th is the Canby Adult Center and Ackerman Middle School.

Ivy and 13th converge into a very busy intersection with heavy traffic that include school buses, cars, trucks, farming equipment, bicyclists, pedestrians and school children every day.

The developer is proposing 38 multi-family two-story units to be built on a postage stamp size lot that has no safe entrance or exit. First responders would be encumbered and the future residents won't have adequate parking, which likely will cause over-flow onto our residential and parking lot areas close by.

The Canby Herald.

Many events are held at the Canby Adult Center, Swim Center and Ackerman School as well as the playing fields and play area. High density housing will greatly detract from the existing quality of life sought by those living in and using these facilities. This type of housing is incongruous with the homes running along 13th Avenue which include Hope Village and Tofte Farms.

I appeal to the leaders of our city government to step up and stop this inappropriate development. Thirty-eight, two-story townhomes jammed onto a lot with inadequate access is not only a fire and safety hazard, it also brings parking and daily traffic problems that are dangerous. Stop this development before it begins.

Susan Hill

Bill Hill, president

Dinsmore Estates 2 HOA


Thanks offered for

food drive efforts

To the editor:

The 2018 National Letter Carrier Food Drive in Canby could not have happened without your community help. The total amount of food collected for Saturday was 8,046 pounds, which was more than we collected last year.

The Canby Post Office thanks Melissa, Lisa, The Canby Center's Rick, Victoria, Ashley and Josh; Rural helpers Pete, Mike, Pam, Stan, Amy, Tyler, Knights of Columbus/Food Bank, Dave and Paul. And to the Canby Herald, Cutsforth Thriftway , the Chamber, St. Patrick's Food Bank helpers and the Canby Rotary for making the 25th anniversary of Canby's Food Drive 2018 so successful.

Irene Breshears, chair

Letter Carrier Food Drive

Remember the poppy as

Memorial Day arrives

To the editor:

Here we are at the end o' the month of May and ready, set for Memorial Day, the 28th.

This spring there is no shortage of fresh, bright bouquets, baskets, and ornamentation with which to brighten the yard as well as the gravesites of departed, loved ones.

Perhaps some who catch this reminder in the Herald could venture south to Woodburn's Bi-Mart where poppy chairman Vie Anderson and her Aurora Unit #110 committee of the American Legion Auxiliary will greet shoppers as they exit the store: "Wear a poppy for a Veteran?"

Anderson and the Unit are always pleased to see returning browsers come to the table and select one or maybe more poppies for themselves and other family members to wear prior to the holiday.

Last year, Congress designated the Friday before Memorial Day as Poppy Day, as requested by the National American Legion family. This year's Poppy Day is Friday, May 25, and will be the fifth of six days that Woodburn's Bi-Mart management has patriotically agreed that Aurora Unit 110 gets to distribute those red, paper poppies in memory and honor of the military men and women who signed up to keep our borders free of invasion.

Not all readers may know that the symbolism goes back a century following World War I. Many of those Americans who gave their lives during battles in Belgium were buried in Flanders Fields.

What a wonder to see those fields of flaming red poppies spring up. Our returning heroes formed a Legion with the intent to never forget but to keep our country free from invasion.

Anderson and her committee ask you, too, to remember and tell others why you wear the red, paper poppy.

MaryLou Burke, PR chairman

Aurora Unit #110, ALA

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