Canby Herald Letters to the editor for the Dec. 26, 2018 edition - A look at Canby at Christmas

Christmas in Canby shines through Herald's coverage

To the editor:

I have really loved all the photos (and stories) about the many things that went on in Canby during the Christmas season.

So many things happen in this town that it's kind of amazing and I think we owe our local newspapers a big 'thank you' for taking the time to highlight so many of those activities.

I know that a lot of that was on weekends or after work hours, so it's important to let the people at the Canby Herald know how much their extra efforts were appreciated by those who enjoy the paper.

The Canby Herald.

Just so many photos of the things like the tree lighting, the Christmas Tour of Homes, Canby Grove's Christmas night (I'd never even heard of it, but went and was delighted), The Nutcracker and the many, many other things that went on.

The Canby community is a special place. The people here do a marvelous job of keeping that 'small town' feel even as the town has no choice but to grow. And thank God we have a local community newspaper that seems to love sharing it with us as much as we love enjoying it.

This Christmas season was a great one in Canby and thanks to the Canby Herald staff, we got a good taste of how great it was. Good job to all.

Kelly Bickner


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