Canby Herald Letters to the Editor for the issue of April 10, 2019 - city's image, Canby Vibe

Mayor, city need to take long look at itself

To the editor:

I will get right down to the point; I am shocked at how our town has become divided in such a short amount of time over the awareness of a day. It saddens me and frightens me that this town can turn on each other so easily.

This is a community that has at least 26 churches and yet we have people verbally throwing stones at others because of this. I remember Jesus teaching that we are all loved within the eyes of the Lord, 'Love Thy neighbor as thyself', not 'threaten those that support LGBT community.'

Even if you're not religious, it's still rather cruel to hate against children who are of the LGBT community.

The Canby Herald.

Let me give a little information about the holiday that seems to be on the stand, International Transgender Day of Visibility. ITDV was a day that honored those within the LGBT community for having the courage to live openly and raise awareness to discrimination that Trans people face.

There are those who will say that celebrating this day is only giving the LGBT community 'special treatment,' but I feel this is farther from the case. It's empowering them with the self-esteem they need to face the world. Its shows to them they do matter. What was brought to the attention of the mayor was just to acknowledge that this was a day, not to force everyone to celebrate it.

I seriously think that this community really needs to sit down and take a good long look at what they have become. Is this really worth the fight, pain, and harm it is doing to the children of the LGBT community. While the day is a big deal for adults, it is of even bigger importance to the children who are within the community to let them know that they matter.

Jessica Kissner


Canby Herald has a hit on its hands with new podcast

To the editor:

When a friend of mine suggested I listen to a new podcast from the Canby Herald, I was a bit incredulous.

'What could they possibly have to say that would interest me,' I thought. Turns out, the staff of the Herald, and Canby Vibe podcast, has plenty to say that I find interesting - and funny.

I enjoy their look at stories they've done or are doing and putting their own personal little spin or touch on them. It's interesting to me to learn a bit about what goes into each story and some of their own takeaways from interviews or meetings or the like.

And it's really interesting to get the feeling they genuinely like each other and have fun with each other. I like that look into their personalities. I think we tend to think of "the paper" as this "thing" that is in Canby, but forget that it's hard work done by individuals with distinct and interesting personalities.

Thanks for starting Canby Vibe and letting us all in on who you are and how you do this tough job you do. And when is Kristen going to suggest another wine?

Tate Robbins


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