Canby Herald letters to the editor for the May 1, 2019 edition - long memories, applauding the mayor

Memories of library debacle won't soon fade

To the editor:

In response to Mayor Hodson's comment in the Herald of April 17, I would like to remind him that many Canby residents do remember clearly and feel upset when reminded of the library debacle you presided over.

We remember the thousands of dollars that were wasted by the changes you insisted upon. We remember your recording the very qualified library director who was then badgered out of her job.

The Canby Herald.

We remember passing a library bond that afforded us a new state of the art library and that it was compromised to build new offices for you and city staff.

Please don't presume to think your actions are not remembered by many current voting Canby residents. Governance with the attitude that "Oh well, the public's memory is'll blow over" is not something you should be proud of or the citizens deserve.

Karyn Fenton


Applauding Mayor's proclamation decision

To the editor:

Thank you mayor Hodson for your recent decision regarding the Transgender proclamation. Do we understand that the LGBTQ activists want not only acceptance but also approval and celebration of. When they fail to get their own way, the nasty habit of playing "victim" arouses along with labeling those who disagree as "hateful" and "homophobic."

As humans we seem to have difficulty separating respect for a person from a person's behaviors. Obviously behaviors run from highly honorable to unacceptable. Would we agree that courtesy or kindness can be extended to all persons but not to all behaviors?

While some behaviors can be tolerated, do they need to be "celebrated?"

Bullying - exerting negative power over another - disrespects personhood. Do LGBTQ youth experience more bullying than "straights," low or high IQ persons, young or elderly, born or preborn?

Homosexuals should not be bullied, nor should they bully. Mr. & Mrs. Klein of Gresham lost their bakery business along with thousands in fines for refusing to bake a cake to "celebrate" a homosexual "wedding." Baker Jack Phillips was bullied clear to the Supreme Court for the same reason. His "freedom of conscience" won over the LGBTQ demand to "bake my cake whether you want to or not."

Shame on Danny Rosen, chair of GLSEN Oregon for criticizing Canby.

Thank you Mayor Hodson for not committing Canby to "celebrate" this agenda. But I am sorry you were bullied into apologizing -- for what?

Pat Smith


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