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Canby Herald letters to the editor for the Oct. 16, 2019 issue - fees as taxes, sex education caution

Frog in the boiling pot no more?

To the editor:

Do you feel like the proverbial frog boiling in hot water? I do every time I pay my City of Canby bill for the "street fee and park fee."

Do they think by only adding 16 cents to the bill it's going to slide past me? I didn't OK it, I didn't vote for it and I wasn't even asked about it.

They seem to be able to add what they want, when they want -- who are "they," I don't know.

Back to the frog being boiled to death and just letting it happen because he thinks he can't feel it as it gets hotter and hotter — obviously someone thinks of me (the bill payer) as the frog who will continue to let whoever just keep raising the "fees," which I look at as taxes I didn't get to vote for.

Someday there will be an uprising at the voting polls, when people wake up in boiling water and don't want to be there anymore.

Judy Clawson


The Canby Herald.

Caution important regarding sex education

To the editor:

Thank you Canby educators for being cautious about making changes in sex education curricula because "comprehensive sexuality education" is the cover name for SIECUS/Planned Parenthood sex education.

As a former teacher of family living in two Oregon public high schools, I studied their literature and debated their executive director three times in public forums. Concisely, the PP message to children is not "chastity before marriage and fidelity within marriage." The PP promotes sex of any kind with anyone, marriage is irrelevant.

Have sex, but not babies. We'll abort your unwanted babies. This organization that kills preborn babies and then sells their body parts deserves no time in our public schools -- in curricula or school based "health" clinic.

Just because it's mandated by Salem does not make curricula "high-quality."

How long will schools allow themselves to serve as indoctrination centers for the political Left?

Thank you for the seeming attempt to give parents 1) input 2) help to understand 3) some control over what their children learn about sex.

However, blogspot is good idea but 1) parent input is usually trumped by mandates and agenda of education subculture, and 2) parents understand well but feel nervous when educators do not understand -- major reason for increased home schooling/private schools. 3) The logistics of "opt-out" do not work.

Planned Parenthood's "comprehensive sexuality education" serves as a major factor in giving our society broken families, STD epidemics, neglected children, women injured physically/emotionally by abortion and exploitation rather than respectful love between our young men/women.

Caring educators need to tell PP to "take a hike out of here."

Pat Smith


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