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Two respond with differing views to The Herald's story about hiring teachers of color

Stop the pandering when it comes to education

To the editor:

I would like to respond to the article regarding "More Teachers of Color"...

Shouldn't the article be far more about the 'quality' of teachers in the classrooms?

I didn't really read how all the 'planning' would really benefit the kids here. School is for education, not pandering to any special interest groups, frankly (including teacher unions).

It is sad enough that a poor teacher with so-called tenure can bump new and fresh teachers that could offer a far better direction to the future of our kids. Our kids and their educations are getting lost in the rhetoric. We're 24th/25th in the world? That's embarrassing.

As much as I appreciate IA's in the classroom it seems unrealistic that there is some sort of "fast track" (my opinion) for an IA to become a quality qualified teacher. IA's have little training and a good portion are wanting part time only for family.

As for Oregon, we have plenty of teachers in this state with good educations to handle the (questionable) education the state requires.

As more and more parents are seeking alternative education facilities, I think if the school board were prudent, they would focus far more on "quality" and not pandering to cultures that should have nothing to do with the requirements of the state for a diploma by each child regardless of ethnicity. Deal with your feelings at home.

Vicki Shaddix


Thinly veiled arguments are ignorant

To the editor:

Thank God for Facebook and the shallow racism and narrow-minded ignorance that it inspires people to demonstrate.

I would laugh if it weren't so sad and pathetic.

Reading the Canby Herald story about more teachers of color, I was struck by the social media responses that seem to be crafted in a state of ignorant bliss. I also listened to the Herald's podcast (Canby Vibe) where they discussed this issue quite intelligently. At least the Herald staff can think clearly and realistically. That's a good, smart crew at the Herald.

Again, Facebook is such a wonderfully shallow pool that allows for shallow thought on subjects and topics. Of course, the school district will hire qualified teachers - the question is how can we make sure we're getting more people of color to pursue teaching degrees so that pool grows.

Education is more than sitting in a classroom listening to some blank personality prattle on about things. Education is an immersive and alive process and in a city with growing diversity like Canby's, kids need to see more teachers they can relate to. Teachers build into the lives of students. This concept of 'readin', writin' and 'rithmatic' is all they need is so simplistic as to be childish in this day and age. But people still think this way. Amazing.

I think what's really the issue hereis a thinly veiled angst among a good many folks about Canby's growing diversity. It makes them nervous and uncomfortable and they don't want to be reminded it's occurring.

It is intolerance and fright-induced ignorance in its most insidious form. Really, there is no argument that's legitimate regarding more teachers of color. I have no doubt that when hiring is done, the most qualified teachers are selected first and foremost. The question is, how can we get more minority teachers who are qualified in the pipeline to increase diversity amongst the teaching population?

Stephen Brodie


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