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Susan Hansen talks on the hemp company 'witch hunt,' Charlie Williams answers back on board recall effort, Miles Killbury comments on Molalla residents' negativity

Hemp company 'witch hunt' just more Molalla hypocrisy

To the editor:

Nothing demonstrates Molalla's blatant hypocrisy regarding "nuisance and noise" enforcement more than the pathetic witch hunt against Columbia Hemp.

With numerous, gross examples of air, land and water contamination in greater Molalla, few people have bothered to attend meetings addressing issues of real concern.

Interfor and RSG lumber mills spew toxic air pollution. DEQ classifies Interfor as a major polluter; when asked at a hearing why Interfor was not required to install air filters to protect public health, DEQ said it was "too expensive." Where is the outrage over those clouds of polluted air greater Molalla is forced to breathe?

Pacific Fiber was permitted in Molalla and tax abatements were given. Its giant log grinder can noise pollute for miles, from early morning until late evening. The Buckeroo holds massive events that noise pollute. Where is "nuisance" enforcement against those operations?

On March 10 at 7 p.m. at the Adult Center, DEQ will address plans for toxic dioxin mitigation on many acres of Avison Mill One brownfield and Bear Creek. That contamination, adjacent to Ivor Davies Park and residences, has been known for decades as dangerous for humans and other living things - without a peep from Molalla.

Molalla's biggest toxic wart is the wastewater management fiasco - lagoons leaking 170,000-plus gallons of sewage a day and ongoing violations (November/December had major ammonia violations and "emergency" discharge with the Molalla River running about half the volume needed for proper dilution; January produced dissolved oxygen violations). No effluent is ever fully "clean" because of unknown/emerging contaminates.

Molalla NIMBYS: Address real toxic threats, stop the paranoia over benign hemp and participate in planning to understand proposed development before permits are issued.

Susan Hansen


Recall effort goes back to parent frustrations

To the editor:

Being the lead petitioner in your recall (Mr. Dumolt), I do understand that 26 years ago the school board that you were on, lied to me and the Molalla Pioneer reporter, After sitting through your meeting till 11:30 p.m., your board decided to go into executive session.

I asked, you are asking us to leave, does that mean no more action will be taken?

Your board said, Yes that's true. The next morning the reporter from the Pioneer called to inform me that the board had come out of executive session and went back into open session and granted pay increases.

My son's class did not have enough textbooks to go around, they had only one set of classroom textbooks, to be checked out at end of school day for homework - first come. I knew that payroll negations were on the agenda and I wanted to speak in public comment and you denied me my right to be heard.

So yes, you allowed Mr. Rogers to run your board, not your board directing him for the good of our students and the parents in our district.

I also knew that a deal was made with James River Co. for new paper towel dispensers and rolls of paper towels, and as of a few years ago, the old inventory of paper towels were still stored at the school.

I could go on, but after the county took over the school board positions, Mr. Rogers had lost his leverage and resigned. Now 26 years later, other parents are feeling the same way, misuse of our funds and deceptions of how much it is costing the school district.

I am concerned that if this continues there will be many more disgruntled patrons/citizens in our school district.

Charlie Williams


Molalla's negativity is starting to be a real issue

To the editor:

I've just about had enough of the negative vibe that seems to permeate the City of Molalla - and it has nothing to do with the city or the school district. It's the residents.

I lay it directly at the feet of a small group of people in this town that seem completely committed to being as obnoxious and ignorant as is humanly possible. The negativity is nearly constant and comes from the same few sources. Get over it, folks. The city and school district are in a constant state of trying to do more with less and manage an intricate web of issues while undergoing a seemingly constant barrage of negativity that, honestly, isn't warranted.

While I don't believe the city or school district are paragons of virtue, it's clear that so much of this revolves around old grudges and slights - both real and imagined.

Molalla can't reach its potential, or even come close, if this negativity is allowed to fester and set the tone for this community. Stop the madness.

Miles Killbury


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