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Letters to the editor for the Canby Herald's July 15, 2020 issue: The value of the Job Corps program at CCC

To the editor:

This letter is regarding the article on Clackamas Community College launching a new Job Corps program. I hold Job Corps near and dear to my heart as it took my boyfriend, who never got his high school diploma and was wondering what he wanted to with his life, to become an amazing carpenter who is now a high school graduate and holds multiple carpentry certificates.

Job Corps saved his life and many others that he met while attending. I am very happy to see this program going into CCC. It is my hope that with the money CCC received, they will implement a portion of it to promote Job Corps at high schools.

Before my boyfriend went, I had never heard of Job Corps, which is so upsetting because I think this program could have helped a lot of lost souls that went to my high school. Job Corps is the largest job training program with free residential education for people ages 16-24, which is why we need to get the word out about this opportunity.

Plus, it is fully funded by the federal government and is free to students and their families. Sometimes the typical school setting isn't right for every kid and they might excel at a vocational training situation. Not only does Job Corps help youth with getting degrees and certificates, it can also give the emotional support some students need. Job Corps is an amazing program and I'm so happy to see this going into Clackamas Community College.

Alizabeth Marine


To the editor:

In Oregon, well-meaning people support Black Lives Matter. They are wrong, misled by goodness, and desire not to offend, but also ill-informed, even stupid, and lacking in courage.

Instead, they should praise and support police, who "protect and serve," and risk their lives daily. Our police do not target and murder blacks, or anyone. They are us. We know them from work, but also from church, school, sports, military, and community organizations. Praise our police. Reject those who lie about them.

BLM is not a movement for police reform, but has actual leaders, policies, history, actions, and words which are false, harmful, and despicable. It also misuses donated money. BLM asserts group guilt, which our Constitution has long rejected.

BLM is based upon a lie: that police are "systemically racist" and out to kill black men. That is false. BLM also lies about particular events, such as Ferguson ("Hands up"), and in case after case "rushes to judgment" before the facts are in. Studies/research by government, academics, The National Academy of Sciences, and leading media (such as the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal) are clear: police killings of unarmed black men are a tiny number per year, under 10, and most of them are justified. The fundamental premise of BLM is a lie.

BLM is led by self-declared Marxists, publicly threatening to burn down America. Look at the actual result of the "demonstrations"— police and civilians killed, hundreds injured, businesses damaged/destroyed, public property destroyed/defaced, billions of dollars of damage…and incalculable harm to minority communities, where crime rates (and black victims) are now going up.

BLM is a disaster to blacks and for everyone.

What kind of movement vilifies Washington, Lincoln, Grant, abolitionists, as well as Jefferson, Jackson, St. Louis, Junipero Serra? America, "the last best hope," at great cost, ended slavery. It also, thrice, saved the world from slavery of Nazis, Fascists, and Communists in WWI, WWII, the Cold War. At a cost of hundreds of thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars.

Police are more likely to be killed by blacks, than blacks by police. The real racial disparity are the white victims of black criminals (annual FBI Crime Statistics) -- about which no one will speak aloud.

The real problem is in the heart of urban black communities, with outrageous rates of violence, illegitimacy rates to 70-90%, abandonment of children. Take these from US statistics, and the US murder rate goes down, to lower than Europe. This is where the problem lies, not with the Police. There is, sadly, a war on cops, as Heather Mac Donald's excellent book says.

Those who are harmed, as police are attacked, are mostly minority communities which police protect. When police are withdrawn, we get mobs, rioters, animals, the world of Hobbes' Leviathan, "nasty and brutal." These are the fruits of BLM.

Alan L. Gallagher


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