Letters to the editor for the Aug. 26, 2020 edition - woman asked to pay kindness forward after encounter

Stranger's kindness made woman's day

To the editor:

A delightful man paid for my groceries at Cutsforth's Thriftway in Canby on Aug. 20.

It was his birthday, and the clerk, the bagger and I wished him happy birthday.

It's very difficult to celebrate birthdays in 2020. It definitely brightened my day.

He asked that I pay it forward. The clerk told me she doesn't know his name, but he often does random acts of kindness.

I have a feeling he reads the Canby Herald. Thank you. I'm still smiling. Be kind. Pay it forward, if you are able.

Kathy Haggblom


The Canby Herald.

Comments show lack of awareness about job

To the editor:

Charles Gallia, you were wrong for Senate District 20 in 2018 and you are wrong now.

Perhaps you could use your Google skills to look up the rules of the Senate in Oregon.

When you are a senator, as I am, there is a third option aside from the standard "present" and "absent," which is to file a request asking to be excused by the president of the Senate. Your statement that, "After being absent more than any other state senator in Oregon last session," was incorrect as I was not absent, I was excused.

I asked to be excused for three reasons.

1. Marion County is a COVID-19 hotspot.

2. The governor is violating her own edict on the number of people gathering, and per your Democratic Party's continual harping that, "no one is above the law," I felt that I would obey her rule.

3. I have had a heart attack and open-heart surgery. I am a high-risk person.

You signed up for newsletters of other state senators. You contend they write about policies and budget challenges.

Perhaps you would like to hear about the abysmal failure of the Oregon Employment Department, leaving thousands of Oregonians without support.

Or the disproportionate funding given to the Portland area while rural Oregonians beg for scraps on the governor's table. Or that the governor restricts church-goers but says nothing of the mobs that gather in Portland causing violence and untold damage. No schools for the children, but we can open them up for day care.

I produce newsletters predicated on current legislation I am working on. I do not bloviate on matters I am not personally involved with.

Contrary to your negative piece, I am doing my legislative duties and, fortunately for me, you don't know where I am.

Sen. Alan Olsen

Oregon City

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