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Letters to the editor for the Sept. 2, 2020 edition of the Herald-Pioneer - Issues in PDX need leadership

Leaders ignoring responsibilities regarding protests

The people of Oregon and Portland should be up in arms, demanding that their leaders, Gov. Kate Brown, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, and their U.S. congressional delegation (e.g. Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Kurt Schrader), be in Portland, personally, to address and stop the violence.

Only now that there is a "right" component, do they appear willing to condemn or do anything.

Our leaders are either absent or on the wrong side.


The First Amendment is a right to "peaceably assemble," not to commit violence, not to block streets and businesses, not to kill and injure and threaten, not to burn, not to cause billions of dollars worth of damage, not to make the downtown, and other parts of the city, unsafe and unlivable.

Yet the governor, mayor and others are AWOL, or actually are on the side of the rioters, attacking the federal officers and local police.

The prosecutors refuse to prosecute. The state police, in disgust, leave because prosecutors refuse to do their job.

This is the French Revolution — mobs, looters, criminals, people without conscience or respect, people who use rights they do not respect, people who know only to tear down, to destroy, not to build and create and sustain.

Those who love Oregon and Portland are appalled. Yet what can they do? The police are appalled and prevented from doing their job, attacked rather than supported by those in power. Let the federal judges take on responsibility for protecting the city, rather than being just critics of the police.

Those who nightly "demonstrate" are actually supporters of the rioters, and should also be stopped, and punished. A curfew is one way to do this. Another is to limit when and where they can demonstrate" There are proper constitutional time, place, and manner limitations on the First Amendment.

There should a nightly curfew — enforced strictly. There should be, if not live ammunition, firehoses to disperse those who violate curfews and orders. In South Korea, they use firehoses with colored water to mark the rioters. The downtown should be cleared of homeles" people who, if allowed, should be required to live in supervised camps.

All Oregon officials should stand, visibly, with police and law and order. The message should be clear that "mostly peaceful" demonstrations will not be tolerated. Let demonstrators rent an auditorium; they have no right to control the streets.

We should be telling this to one another, to our newspapers and to our leaders, incessantly. We should explain, over and over again, the lies of Black Lives Matter, the lies of the attacks upon the police, and the lies of the accusations of "racism," that rioters use to attack and demoralize others. This also requires courage — something in apparent short supply today.

Alan Gallagher


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