Providing clarity on the wastewater issue and pondering the accuracy of Drazan's claims; Sept. 7, 2022 issue

Drazan's words, attack on Dems ring hollow

To the editor:

Oregon Republican gubernatorial candidate and Canby resident Christine Drazan has a crime problem.

She is traveling the state, condemning Democrats as the party of crime, decay and lawlessness. Her words ring hollow.

Miss Drazan's hand-picked successor, Rep. Hieb (R-Canby), was recently arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct at the Clackamas County Fair. In fact, he had a criminal record before he was appointed to represent Canby.

Drazan knew about his criminal record. Evidently, she didn't think it was a big deal. He's a Republican after all and Republicans are law and order. Right? Maybe not.

The Herald-Pioneer.

Republican State Rep. Mike Nearman was criminally charged in 2021 for allowing armed protesters to breach the capital. He was subsequently expelled from the Legislature. Miss Drazan was the Republican leader at the time. Is she responsible for the criminal actions of Rep. Nearman?

Finally, let's not omit the fact that Donald Trump inspired a mob of Republicans on Jan, 6, 2021, brutally beating law enforcement officers. No Democrats were involved in beating cops that day. Only Republicans.

Christine Drazan shouldn't be responsible for the criminals in her party. She didn't break the law, they did. And Democrats are not responsible for a temporary crime spike in Portland. Only the criminals are responsible. Individuals, not political parties, break the law.

Republicans need to be very careful when lecturing Democrats on crime. I would encourage Republicans to take the words of an old prophet to heart: "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"

Brian Fitzgerald

Happy Valley

The Herald-Pioneer.

Prior letter offers no context on wastewater issue

To the editor:

"Without context words and actions have no meaning at all": Gregory Bateson.

The Bateson quote above, in my opinion, is true of the letter to the editor regarding wastewater leakage in Molalla. The city of Molalla does experience some leakage from their wastewater lagoons, but that leakage is expected from lagoons, is within the limits prescribed by Oregon DEQ, and is enforced by Oregon DEQ through the city's NPDES permit.

Leakage is not only common but expected in all earth-bottomed bodies of water, including wastewater lagoons. So common in fact, that the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits under which wastewater facilities operate provide limits for leakage in lagoon style systems like Molalla's.

These NPDES permits are issued and enforced by Oregon DEQ, so needless to say, environment is of paramount concern when determining leakage limits.

In addition to providing leakage limits, these NPDES permits prescribe leakage testing requirements to ensure leakage is within the limits provided. Molalla's most recent leakage test was conducted, as required, in 2017 and in showing less than quarter-inch of leakage per day received a passing grade from Oregon DEQ.

The city of Molalla's NPDES permit can be found here (see section D(14) regarding leakage and testing)):

The city of Molalla's 2017 Leak Test report can be found here (see sections 6 & 7 for the report's conclusions):

Dan Huff and staff

City of Molalla

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