For Canby alum Andrew Evans, the basketball journey does not stop after competition

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Corban senior Andrew Evans finishes his basketball career at Corban after medically red-shirting his sophomore year. Salem—Canby's Andrew Evans has been playing basketball for a long while, since the third grade in fact. The now 24 year old is in his fourth year of playing for Corban's men's basketball team, and is finishing up his sixth year at the Salem based college.

For the Canby alum, it has been quite a journey to the here and now. After playing his freshman year, Adams was medically redshirted in his sophomore year after suffering three concussions. He took the subsequent year off to get his head on straight, and returned to the team to assist his teammates in their conquest of the Cascade Collegiate Conference Tournament.

Despite his experiences with the team and the competition, Evans is ready to pursue new experiences, particularly coaching.

"Honestly, I'm excited for it to be done," Evans said about playing the game. "I'm going to sad obviously, but I'm excited for the next step in my life. I want to get into coaching, so I know basketball is not completely done for me. Just with the career I've had, I think it's really prepared me for the next step."

Eyeing coaching as the next step is simply an extension of Evans' love of the game, but there is more to it. Evans wants to help people do well, and has already gotten started traveling down that road.

"I have a passion for seeing people succeed," Evans said. "I want to be a teacher as well. I've been running clinics and camps, and I've been coaching here and there for my whole college basketball career, just on the side. I just really have a passion for the atmosphere of coaching."

Evans has been talking with his current coach Austin Johnson and current Canby boys head coach Craig Evans, and is interested in helping out in summer programs. However, he is not sure at what level he wants to coach. Evans also wants to be a special ed. teacher after his time at Corban.

Evans experience at Corban University was something all its own. The Andrew Evans that is here now is not the same one that went into higher education. Part of the transformation happened when Evans was medically suspended and unable to participate in his sport of choice. SUBMITTED PHOTO - Corban senior and Canby alum Andrew Evans

"I'm so glad it happened which is weird to say, but I feel like for me I always identified myself as Andrew the basketball player," Evans said. "Going through that, I wasn't allowed to go to practices or anything for two months. They didn't let me in there. So it was kind of getting to figure out who Andrew Evans was away from basketball, and that was a big thing for me."

"I'm grateful for the opportunity," Evans added. "I got a lot closer to God, and my walk with Christ really jumpstarted and it's been really good."

As someone who took on many roles for the team, ranging from freshman prospect to medical redshirt to bench player, Evans has seen a lot. And he does not have any regrets about his time on the court, and learned to put his team ahead of the individual.

"I was always a team player, you look at my assists and stuff like that," Evans said. "I love setting my teammates up for success and stuff, but just realizing that it's not all about basketball. Even though it's basketball season and stuff like that. Just realizing that the team is more than you, basically, and putting away your thoughts and feelings for the betterment of the team."

Off the court, Evans has also grown as a person as well, and really cherishes the role that Corban played in his life during this period of transition.

"I love this school, the people that are here, and the fact that we're openly allowed to talk about God," Evans said.

And to everyone who is going through a trial or tribulation, Evans has a message that he wants to get out there.

"All the random dots in life, trust going forward that they're going to make sense," Evans said. "No matter what happens, and where you're at, don't be afraid to expect more from yourself."

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