'Izzy' Kacalek sets new record in the 3,000 meter race against St. Mary's, Newberg

ARCHIVE PHOTO - Canby sophomore Izabela Kacalek bested the 15 year old 3,000 meters record time in her very first time racing the event. Kacalek is Canby's top distance runner, and hopes to continue to improve over the course of the season. Canby—Never running a particular event was no hindrance to Canby's Izabela Kacalek. The sophomore distance running phenom took to the track at Cougar Stadium to run her first 3,000 meters race, and the results were better than anyone except Kacalek's coaches could have expected. Kacalek took first place in the 3,000 meters with a time of 10 minutes and 26 seconds on Wednesday, April 11 against St. Mary's and Newberg. The race result bested the old school record by .29 seconds.

"Breaking the record was exciting and unanticipated," Kacalek said to the Herald through text. "My great coaches and awesome teammates play a significant role in my successes. My motivating factor is not titles, although they are great, but rather improving my own times and being a competitor."

Canby's top female distance runner in cross country, Kacalek's success has translated well into her first track and field season. The sophomore finished first in four of the five individual races that she has participated in.

Coaches Bob Webber and Jean Marie Dupont helped train Kacalek this far in the season, but the runner was doing the right things on her own as well.

"She goes on runs in the morning, she takes care of herself on a personal level, she takes care of her academics," Webber said. "She's one of the strongest students in the school. She takes care of her personal relationships, she does all the things we ask all of our athletes to do, and she's taking that preparation seriously. That in itself, along with the natural talent she has, is going to equate to breaking limits sooner than people think."

Webber added, "She's running beyond the records. That's the thing that makes her so unique. When you look at the expectation of what she can do, it goes beyond what anybody has seen at Canby. She has to kind of look at herself, and respect and acknowledge the past, but at the same time she has to realize she is the future."

The positive relationship between Dupont and Kacalek has also fostered an air of self-assurance in the sophomore athlete. Dupont is the previous 3,000 meter record holder, and was elated when the decades old record finally fell.

"Jean Marie is a great inspiration to me," Kacalek said. "She is very supportive of my running and constantly encourages me in my races. After the 3,000, she happily hugged me and congratulated me. It was a great example of her selfless character."

Canby's track and field teams are scheduled to compete against Lake Oswego and Lakeridge at Lakeridge High School on Wednesday, April 18.

Other highlights from the meet included junior Bryce Ard claiming first place in the javelin, the boys 4x400-meters relay team taking the top spot, and senior Tristan Oakes taking first in the 3,000 meters for the boys.

The girls team had senior Katie O'Dell take first place in the shot put event, and freshman Daley McClellan take first in the discus with a personal record of 92'8".

Full varsity results from Canby's meet against St. Mary's and Newberg are below:


100 meters

3. 9 Kyle Sandner—12.19 sec PR

4. 12 Ty Leder—12.35 sec

200 meters

4. 9 Kyle Sandner—25.04 sec

5. 11 Jonathan Torres—25.79 sec

400 meters

3. 11 Jonathan Torres—56.27 sec SR

4. 10 Isaac Di Cenzo—58.34 sec

800 meters

1. 10 Matthew Powell—2:06.85 sec

3. 11 Cole Thomas—2:09.20 sec SR

4. 10 Kevin Jarvie—2:11.87 sec PR

1,500 meters

1. 11 Cole Thomas—4:17.98 sec

2. 10 Kevin Jarvie—4:25.97 sec PR

4. 11 Trevor Taylor—4:31.46 sec SR

3,000 meters

1. 12 Tristan Oakes—9:33.84 sec SR

7. 9 Jared Moon—10:36.36 sec PR

8. 10 Isaiah Kimmel—11:03.28 sec

110-meters hurdles

2. 9 Maddax Clark—21.40 sec

300-meters hurdles

3. 9 Maddax Clark—53.96 sec PR

4x100-meters relay

2. T. Ramirez, J. Torres, T. Leder, T. Wakefield—48.70 sec

4x400-meters relay

1. J. Torres, M. Powell, K. Sandner, T. Oakes—3:43.65 sec

Shot Put

1. 12 Jacob Heininge—44'8.5" PR

3. 11 Thomas Mitchell—38'10" PR


1. 11 Stephen Rue—107'7"

5. 11 Emmett Estersohn—98'11" SR

6. 12 Jacob Heininge—92'3"


1. 11 Bryce Ard—156'7"

4. 9 Noah Lutty—118'9" PR

High Jump

3. 11 Trent Wakefield—5'4"

4. 10 Michael Jaszewski—5'

Pole Vault

2. 12 Ty Leder—10'

4. 10 Jason McKeon—8'

Long Jump

4. 11 Brandon Morris—17'7" PR

5. 11 Trent Wakefield—17'4"

6. 10 Logan Doman—13'3"

Triple Jump

2. 12 Ty Leder—37'9.5"

3. 10 Jason McKeon—33'8"


100 meters

4. 10 Allson Kuhnke—13.89 sec PR

6. 9 Avery Kavnaugh—13.97 sec

8. 9 Havlyn Ehrich—14.07 sec

9. 9 Ellie Shorter—14.20 sec

200 meters

4. 10 Allson Kuhnke—28.90 sec PR

5. 9 Avery Kavnaugh—29.09 sec

7. 9 Ellie Shorter—29.61 sec PR

9. 9 Havlyn Ehrich—30.05 sec

400 meters

6. 9 Claire Hanthorn—1:08.55 sec PR

7. 10 Kahleia Rose—1:09.58 sec PR

800 meters

5. 10 Jennifer Torres—2:33.21 sec PR

7. 12 Ashley Ambrose—2:40.47 sec PR

8. 11 Emma Rondeau—2:41.94 sec SR

1,500 meters

7. 12 Ashley Ambrose—5:16.25 sec PR

8. 10 Jennifer Torres—5:19.20 sec PR

11. 11 Lauryn Crum—5:55.07 sec SR

3,000 meters

1. 10 Izabela Kacalek—10:26 sec PR

7. 10 Emma Ulven—12:17.32 sec PR

8. 12 Marika Bierman—12:20.05 sec SR

100-meters hurdles

6. 10 Ally O'Dell—18.96 sec

7. 11 Lizzy Knote—19.90 sec PR

9. 9 Imani Robinson—20.82 sec

300-meters hurdles

6. 10 Kahleia Rose—56.67 sec SR

4x100-meters relay

3. H. Ehrich, A. Kavnaugh, A. Kuhnke, E. Shorter—55.50 sec

4x400-meters relay

3. C. Hanthorn, J. Torres, A. Kavnaugh, I. Kacalek—4:34.21 sec

Shot Put

1. 12 Katie O'Dell—32'1"

3. 10 Katie Mull—25'7.5"


1. 9 Daley McClellan—92'8" PR

2. 12 Katie O'Dell—83'9"

6. 10 Sarah Link—56'2" PR


2. 9 Daley McClellan—90'7" PR

3. 10 Katie Mull—74'8"

High Jump

2. 10 Ally O'Dell—4'6"

5. 11 Jada Elder—4'2"

Long Jump

7. 11 Emma Rondeau—13'3" PR

8. 11 Lizzy Knote—12'7" PR

9. 9 Catalina Slangan—11'8"

Triple Jump

2. 10 Ally O'Dell—33' PR

6. 9 Catalina Slangan—26'2" PR

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