The Cougars top male runner, Cole Thomas, took fifth place out of 65 varsity racers

In the Three Rivers League (TRL) Preview meet, the league came together to compete against each one another before the district meet at the end of the season. The Cougars competed admirably, with the boys' team taking fourth place out of seven teams, and the girls' team coming in sixth of eight.

Senior Cole Thomas was the boys top finisher, coming in fifth place overall with a time of 16 minutes, 20 seconds (16:20). Thomas finished behind Tualatin's Andrew Payton and a trio of West Linn racers. The finish was not where he would have liked to placed, but Thomas believes he'll do better by the seasons end.

"I would have liked to place a bit higher than fifth place, but I feel confident that by the end of the year at the district meet I will place higher," Thomas said. "This race went out the first mile quite a bit faster than our teams previous two races so I think that's just something myself and the rest of our team will have to get used to if we want to compete at districts.

"Overall I feel I could've ran a lot better," Thomas continued. "My time and place wasn't as good as I would have liked, but I am happy with where my teammates and I are at this point in the season."

Following behind Thomas for the Cougars was senior Trevor Taylor in 12th place (16:50), junior Matthew Powell (17:01), sophomore Ben Bailey (17:38), and senior Lincoln Bangs (18:01).

The girls team saw standout junior Izabela Kacalek take eighth place with a time of 19:24, followed by fellow junior Jennifer Torres (20:50) in 28th place, and senior Emma Rondeau (21:47) in 38th. Junior Emma Ulven took the 54th spot with a time of 22:43, and senior Lauryn Crum finished in 60th place with a time of 22:51.

"I think both the boys and the girls competed hard," Thomas said. "The upcoming workouts coaches have planned for us will really help us be able to settle into a fast pace that we can maintain at the start of rces. If we trust the process and work harder than the other teams in our league we have a very good chance to send a team to state."

Full varsity and junior varsity results are below:


BOYS, VARSITY (5,000 meters)

5. Cole Thomas 16:20

12. Trevor Taylor 16:50

16. Matthew Powell 17:01

27. Ben Bailey 17:38

40. Lincoln Bangs 18:01

43. Isaiah Kimmel 18:11

46. Michael Ovchinnikov 18:20

50. Jared Moon 18:34

57. Kobe Gustafson 18:52

BOYS, JUNIOR VARSITY (5,000 meters)

8. Tommy O'Neil 18:24

13. Kevin Jarvie 18:42

16. Ty Ewers 18:45

17. Adam Peterson 18:52

26. Joel Ibarra 19:17

27. Caleb Chupp 19:24

29. Kellan Oakes 19:27

47. Robert Hestand 19:59

50. Andrew Viter 20:08

51. Blake Ingram 20:09

63. Michael Clark 20:49

73. Levi Nissly 21:14

74. Natanael Gonzalez 21:16

80. Sinjin Groat 21:33

92. Mitchell Brost 21:52

123. Lucas Nissly 23:04

129. Joseph Toon 23:34


GIRLS, VARSITY (5,000 meters)

8. Izabela Kacalek 19:24

28. Jennifer Torres 20:50

38. Emma Rondeau 21:47

54. Emma Ulven 22:43

60. Lauryn Crum 22:51

65. Allison Bassett 23:18

70. Kahleia Rose 24:24

71. Alyssa Showalter 24:25

72. Sadie Thomas 25:29

GIRLS, JUNIOR VARSITY (5,000 meters)

72. Julia Luty 27:20

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