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Play of the Day: The best from Week 4 in high school football

September 23, 2018 Lake Oswego Review - Sports Miles Vance
Take a look back at the plays that made the difference between victory and defeat in Week 4

Check out our best photos from Week 4 of 2018 high school football

September 22, 2018 Lake Oswego Review - Sports Miles Vance
The action was wild, the hits were big and the resuts were huge in Friday football action

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Smoke has cleared; time to fix the wildfire issue

September 18, 2018 Central Oregonian - Opinion Central Oregonian
Federal land agencies and Congress need to pave the way for more active forest management, including timber harvest

COMMENTARY: The price of Oregon's failed cougar management

September 18, 2018 Gresham Outlook - Opinion Steven Brown
Oregon voters - primarily from urban counties - passed Measure 18 into law in 1994, prohibiting the use of hounds in the pursuit of mountain lions (cougars). Since then, the cougar population in the state has tripled, deer and elk populations have declined, and conflicts with humans have multiplied.


Helping local mothers

September 21, 2018 Central Oregonian - Features Holly Scholz
Central Oregon Perinatal Care hosts Sept. 28 Community Baby Shower to celebrate babies and offer resources

Celebrating recovery

September 18, 2018 Central Oregonian - Features Central Oregonian
Agencies host National Recovery Month event to celebrate recovery from addictions and mental illness

Sustainable Life

Need to rent an electric tricycle? BIKETOWN now offers 2

September 23, 2018 Zane Sparling
The max speed of the e-trikes is 20 miles per hour, according to Adaptive BIKETOWN.

EARTHTALK: Sustainable ranching comes of age

September 22, 2018 Roddy Scheer, EarthTalk
Dear EarthTalk: I know that ranchers and environmentalists have traditionally been at odds, but what are some ways they are working together these days? - -Jim H., Boone, Iowa

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