the editor: I would personally like to thank Danielle Howman for drawing attention to the illegal child care providers here who are taking business from those of us who follow Oregon rules and stay within the provider/child ratios made to protect our children and keep them safe from harm. If you want to know why one provider charges $1 and another charges $2.50, then look to see how many kids they are taking and if they are registered or certified. Danielle, congratulations on doing the research but it’s too bad it happened four years after your children were in this person’s care. Parents should know the rules. You can get a set of rules by calling the Child Care Division. You can also report any illegal providers at 1-800-556-6616. Unfortunately, the $100 fine is just a smack on the wrist. People have to keep calling back to get these people shut down. You can pick up a copy of the current “Child Care Enrichment Locater Directory” at any school or grocery store. The rules are stated in this and you will also get valuable information on choosing quality child care. If you’ve been so lucky to find that child care provider who follows the rules and provides loving care to your children, don’t forget to thank them and tell them they are appreciated! May 9th is National Child Care Provider Appreciation Day, the perfect day to do that! Becky Groves Child Care Provider and President, Crook County “All for Kids” Early Childhood Association