Her appointment will give Prineville more of a voice among other mayors statewide

The City of Prineville has gained some additional representation among other state municipalities as Betty Roppe was recently appointed to the Oregon Mayor’s Association Board.

“I am pleased,” Roppe said. “I like to have our community acknowledged throughout the state.”

The Oregon Mayor’s Association is comprised of several hundred mayors throughout the state who work together for the good of their respective cities.

“We just feel like there is strength and unity, and if we all work together, we learn a lot more,” Roppe said. “It keeps us abreast of what every other city is facing in their day-to-day operations. It keeps us on top of all the legislation that goes on in Oregon and federally.”

She added that it provides cities, such as Prineville, more information about the grants available for different projects. As an example, Roppe referenced the city’s wetland project, which will require several million dollars to complete. Thanks to grant funding, the project will likely see completion in the next couple years as opposed to five years down the road or more.

“We fund a lot with grants,” she said.

Roppe was did not apply for the OMA board position, but was asked to join the group because they wanted a representative from the Central Oregon region.

“So, they called me and asked me if I would be willing to serve,” she said. Roppe went on to say that board members can serve for two consecutive one-year terms, and she intends to serve a second term provided she is re-elected as Prineville mayor in November.

As a board member, Roppe helped review the OMA financial reports and budget for the coming year and plays a role in planning the annual summer conference.

“We decide who we are going to have come in to talk about different things that will appeal to or educate the mayors on what they are doing in their cities,” she said.

This year, the OMA conference will be held in Pendleton, which Roppe noted will provide a significant amount of publicity to the community. Since she can now make application to host a future conference in Prineville, she hopes to explore that option.

“If I could find a way to bring all of the mayors to the city of Prineville, it’s a benefit to us.”

Roppe also sits on OMA committees including one that organizes the “If I Were Mayor” contest that is held statewide. On another committee, she will be help review the OMA constitution.

For Prineville City Manager Steve Forrester, Roppe’s service on the OMA board will benefit the community on the local and state level.

“The city is proud to have Betty represent us and other rural communities by serving on a statewide board such as this,” he said.

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