Session will feature a discussion led by the Oregon Firearms Federations executive director

Amid concerns about the growing presence of gun control legislation in Oregon, the Central Oregon Patriots are inviting residents to participate in a Second Amendment forum.

The forum, which will take place on Thursday evening at Bowman Museum, will focus on informing people about the gun control legislation considered by Oregon lawmakers.

"There are a lot of proposed bills targeting the Second Amendment," said Patriots Chairman Craig Brookhart. "Some of them were way out there. There were some bills that would have given the right to come in and search your house without a warrant and all sorts of crazy ideas that people had that they tried to get through."

The Patriots consequently thought it prudent to hold the forum to shed some light on the legislation and perhaps encourage people to get involved and do something about it going forward.

"I think that is one of the goals we have to have coming out of this is to inform people about what is going on and what they can do to help," Brookhart stated.

Brookhart has invited the executive director of the Oregon Firearms Federation, Kevin Starrett, to lead the forum.

"We will be discussing the current state of Second Amendment rights in Oregon," Starrett said. "What took place in the last legislative session and why we think it happened."

The Federation has successfully lobbied against gun control legislation, he said, and has introduced pro-civil liberties legislation as well.

"Typically, when I'm at these events, that's what we discuss," Starrett said. "We discuss how we do it - the importance and effectiveness of grassroots activism."

Starrett agreed with Brookhart that lawmakers consider many laws that media seldom or never report on because the work is conducted behind closed doors. He said that other laws see little press because they are so outside the conventional norm that the media doesn't bother with them.

"We try to make as much of that available as possible," Starrett said. "I think that's what made us as successful as we are. We just provide every detail that we can."

Brookhart believes the forum will help people realize how much of a difference they can make in what gun laws the legislature passes. He suspects that many local residents don't know that they can testify against or in favor of a bill.

"I think it's in everyone's best interests to be informed," he said.

The Patriots chose to host the forum with the belief that many people in Central Oregon, particularly Crook County, have an interest in their Second Amendment rights. Brookhart is hoping that will translate to a strong turnout and response.

"I don't know how much interest this will generate in Crook County, but we thought we would give it a shot."

The Central Oregon Patriots’ Second Amendment forum will be held at the Bowman Museum on Thursday, April 24, from 6 to 8 p.m.

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