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Wants to improve county leadership, public safety and economic growth

Three years ago, Craig Brookhart lost a close three-way primary election for Crook County Judge.

Now, with the judge position again up for grabs, he has decided to run for the office a second time. He again faces two opponents in Commissioners Seth Crawford and Ken Fahlgren, although more candidates may emerge.

“The reason I chose to run is the same sorts of things continue to go on, and the same issues seem to exist that were there last time I ran,” he said. “I still view us having a lack of leadership. I still think the perceptions of Crook County from outside looking in, we can be viewed in a negative light the way our local government does things.”

Brookhart has lived in Crook County since 2007 and has made a point of staying involved in the community since that time. He currently chairs the Central Oregon Patriots organization and helped launch a citizen committee dedicated to solving the issues with public safety and jail space.

“We are still turning hundreds of criminals loose because we didn’t have a long-term plan,” he remarked.

In addition, he spent time working with the Ochoco Irrigation District and other community members as work took place to create and pass the Bowman Dam bill.

With his second run at judge, Brookhart hopes to cultivate diverse economic growth and create more family-wage jobs. He intends to focus on equitability between large and small businesses, review and revise local policies to create a business-friendly climate.

Another focus will center on improving community livability. Brookhart wants to eliminate the matrix system the jail utilizes when releasing inmates and promote a drug-free zone in Crook County. He wants to facilitate discussions and develop strategies regarding affordable housing, homelessness and poverty.

In meeting these and other goals, Brookhart will focus on excellence in representative government. He stressed that he is not a politician but a leader, as evidenced by his background as a senior manager for Intel, a Fortune 500 company.

“The key part of that is you are working at a company with 100,000-plus people and it is not an environment where you can thrive without skills,” he said. “You have to demonstrate leadership, you have to be willing to get in and get your hands dirty, take on issues, work with people, and be successful.”

Brookhart wants to offer those skills to the people of Crook County and in doing so provide them excellence in representative government.

“Our local government can work more efficiently,” he said. “It can be a lot more receptive to the people and be a lot more open to what the people’s wants and needs are ... I would be happy to represent people here as a leader in the county.”

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