Anthony Smith has until a July 12 pre-trial conference court hearing to find himself a new defense attorney

CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Anthony SmithLocal stabbing suspect Anthony Smith needs a new defense attorney following a recent court hearing where his attorney Casey Baxter withdrew from the case.

Smith has about two weeks to find new representation as another pre-trial conference is scheduled for the afternoon of July 12 in Crook County Circuit Court.

Smith is facing charges for attempted murder following a stabbing incident this past January where he allegedly broke into the home of a female neighbor. He reportedly stabbed the woman and tried to rape her and stabbed her friend who was visiting her.

Smith was initially charged with two counts of attempted murder, one count of attempted rape, two counts of first-degree kidnapping, two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of menacing and one count of first-degree burglary.

According to Prineville police, Smith is an ex-marine who had recently quit his job with a security company. After a night of partying with friends, he received a ride home and shortly thereafter, he broke into the home of the victim. Although Smith lives close to the woman, he was nothing more than a casual acquaintance of hers, police stated.

Once inside the home, Smith immediately attacked and stabbed the visiting woman in the neck, causing severe injury and major blood loss. Smith's attention was then drawn to the second woman, and as he turned to her, the first woman ran out of the home screaming for help and getting a call into 911. During this time, Smith attacked the second woman, stabbing her in the face and arm, causing an extreme amount of blood loss.

Three Prineville police officers arrived at the Northeast Elk Street residence within three minutes of receiving the 911 call. Hearing cries for help, the officers immediately entered the home and stopped the attempted rape and attempted murder of the second woman. The event was recorded on the officers' body cameras.

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