Addition intended to boost inventory of industrial property in Prineville city limits

In an effort to boost its inventory of industrial land, the City of Prineville is planning to annex 206 acres of county-owned property.

The property is located just north of the Facebook data center on the east side of Tom McCall Road and wraps around the corner as the road becomes Houston Lakes Road. All but 36 acres of the property is located inside the Prineville urban growth boundary (UGB).

Prineville Planning Director Phil Stenbeck said the city is about 393 acres short of the amount of industrial land necessary to comply with the Oregon Statewide Planning Program and the city's comprehensive plan.

The state requires the city to maintain a 20-year supply of industrial land, and the city's Urban Area Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2007, determined that 643 acres was needed to meet that requirement.

Development of the Facebook and Apple data centers have since swallowed up another 280 acres of industrial land, so even though the city has added three properties totaling 530 acres, it leaves a 393-acre hole to fill.

"So what we are trying to do is backfill to the point we are caught up," Stenbeck said of the upcoming annexation. "This addition doesn't completely get us caught up. … We are still short 355 acres of industrial land."

The 206-acre property was chosen for a variety of reasons, Stenbeck points out. It is similar in size and dimensions and is located in close proximity to other industrial land development, it is the ideal size and shape for industrial development, sufficient capacity in all public utilities is available to serve the site, and interest has been expressed in the land in the past.

Annexing industrial property into the city is not a new action for the city as community leaders continue to prepare land for potential business development or data centers. Although, this effort is not as complicated as others.

"This land is already in the UGB and even the land that is outside, that additional 36 acres, is already zoned for industrial development," Stenbeck said. "We have done several UGB expansions in the past and it was on farm land. That, in terms of Oregon's land use program, is really complicated."

The Prineville Planning Commission will consider the 206-acre annexation this coming Tuesday. The Prineville City Council will then review the action at its regular business meeting on Thursday.

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