The 32-year-old had last been seen Aug. 21 at Big Summit Prairie before being found in California

INTERNET PHOTO - Christine Syms

A woman who went missing from the Symbiosis event was found, according to a Crook County Sheriff's Office announcement Thursday.

Christine Syms, a 32-year-old North Carolina resident, went missing Monday, Aug. 21, having last been seen at the Big Summit Prairie Symbiosis festival. According to her friends, she drifted on into the crowd and had not been seen afterward.

Crook County Sheriff's Office had opened an active investigation on Syms, and her mother had contacted the agency prior to her being found.

Gautney said Syms had been listed in the nationwide computer system as a missing person, and her information and photo were released on social media. Local authorities also contacted agencies in Nevada, a location she might have traveled to after the festival.

Shasta Police said they have spoken with Syms and verified that it is her and that she is safe and with friends. Crook County Sheriff's Deputy Steven Hatcher, whom Gautney said has been diligently working this case, has spoken with family members who are on their way to pick her up.

Syms' case is not the first missing person case the local authorities have dealt with recently.

Gautney said they have had 78 missing person-related calls to date. Of those 78 calls, they took four actual reports that needed further investigation.

They were able to clear one other case Tuesday night, Aug. 29, when a person was located still working at Big Summit Prairie.

"Mostly all issues with missing person calls were due to no cell coverage/internet," Gautney pointed out. "Issues that make investigating these cases difficult were that there was no cell service in the area or internet, the vast number of people on site of the event, the fact that many of the people had no alternate plan to communicate with family members, and that the event went longer than they had reported that they would be home."

The other issue, he added, is that many have left to go to other events around the country without communicating this to family.

"I don't have anything more to release to the public at this time as everything we have has been released," Gautney concluded.

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