Board appoints 21 members to the committee; salary to fall between $130,000-$150,000

CENTRAL OREGONIAN - New superintendent will need to start on July 1.

The search for a Crook County School District superintendent heated up last week when board members met with the search consultant and nailed down some details.

Members of the Crook County School Board appointed 21 staff and community members to a Superintendent Search Screening Committee last Monday evening and approved a salary range for the new superintendent they aim to hire this spring.

In hopes of making the position competitive and attractive to potential candidates, the five-member board approved $130,000 to $150,000 as the annual base salary range.

"I think if you adopt that, you will have done yourself a favor," search consultant Greg McKenzie of NextUp Leadership told board members when asked if a $20,000-salary range was acceptable.

"That might help us be a little more competitive against those people that are going $130,000 to $145,000," Board Chair Patti Norris pointed out.

When Duane Yecha was hired as Crook County School District Superintendent on July 2, 2011, his annual base salary was $125,000. According to CCSD Director of Business and Finance Anna Logan, Yecha's current year salary is $132,639. His most recent contract renewal ends June 30, 2018, when he will retire.

The appointment of application screening committee members comes as the result of a process that began when the district hired McKenzie last fall to fill Yecha's position.

Since Yecha announced his retirement in August, board members have also sought community input.

A recent survey of staff and community members yielded 304 responses.

"For a district this size, that's a very good number," McKenzie said of the participation rate. "That's about double what we normally get when we put that kind of survey out for information collection."

The five-question survey asked what stakeholders would like to see in the next superintendent and what is special about the school district that they feel needs to be preserved.

McKenzie then compiled the survey findings and created a job description, which will become a scoring sheet for reviewing applications and the basis for interviews.

Last month, the board put out a call for applications for the Superintendent Search Screening Committee members. The board appointed all 21 applicants, who will read the applications in late February and filter them into a smaller group to interview.

"We have been circulating availability of this position to our email list, which is 20,000-plus mostly in the Western United States, and we've had quite a few people express an interest," McKenzie said, adding that he will post the official job opening nationally on various sites and administrator networks. "We're out there shaking the trees and lifting the rocks to see if we can find somebody."


Superintendent Search Screening Committee


· Stacy Smith (curriculum director with two students in CCSD school system)

· Joel Hoff (CCHS assistant principal-curriculum and will have student in CCSD schools next year)

· Rob Bonner (CCHS assistant principal-athletic director with two students in CCSD school system)

· Jim Bates (BBE principal with one student in CCSD school system)

· Anna Logan (director of business and finance with three students in CCSD school system)

· Michael Allen (technology director)

· Sean Corrigan (director of human resources)


· Jan Martin (HR manager and executive assistant to the school board and superintendent)

· Leland Bliss (facilities supervisor)

Licensed Teachers:

· Scott Buchanan (CCMS teacher)

· Michelle Powers (elementary teacher, CCEA president, and one student in CCSD school system)

Classified Staff:

· Ramona McCallister (Youth Transition specialist)


· Sarah Connolly (senior and CCHS ASB president)

Community Members:

· Tiina Allas (classroom teacher/administrator for 40 years; currently substitute teacher for CCSD)

· Suzie Kristensen (COCC Prineville Campus administrator, two children in CCSD school system)

· Wade Flegel (longtime budget committee member, community member with children in the CCSD school system)

School board members:

· Doug Smith

· Patti Norris

· Scott Cooper

· Gwen Carr

· Walt Wagner

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