Parents of Crook County sixth-grade campers receive letter about the incident

Some local high school students serving as counselors at Crook County Middle School's sixth grade camp were sent home and face discipline following a marijuana-related incident last week at the camp.

A letter was sent home to parents of sixth-grade campers, letting them know about the incident.

"Unfortunately, an event occurred involving some of our high school counselors and marijuana," the letter stated. "This happened during a time when counselors were not in the proximity of campers. No campers were involved or in any harm of safety."

The letter went on to state that the incident was handled in a swift manner by the camp directors, and was dealt with "quickly and quietly and out of the view of students."

In response to the incident, Crook County High School Principal Michelle Jonas said that the high school staff has high standards of the high school camp counselors and they are disappointed that those standards were not met.

"As soon as we were made aware of the situation, the counselors involved were removed from camp," Jonas said. "Consequences have been issued according to policy, and law enforcement has been notified. The high school administration is partnering with the middle school staff to prevent issues such as this from happening in the future."

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